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Case Study

Depaul UK: Giving everyone a place to call home

The cloud-based workplace-transformation project was designed with one goal: to help Depaul better carry out its vital mission.


What Accenture did

Reducing organizational inefficiencies to create a more productive and efficient workforce that supports Depaul’s agenda to provide everyone with a place to call home.

People and culture

Value delivered

Although we had clarity on what we wanted to achieve, we didn't know where to begin so Accenture took us on a journey from crystallizing our vision through to developing detailed recommendations and a roadmap for their delivery.


In just three months; Depaul and Accenture completed the comprehensive workplace assessment; identified the workforce's main pain points; and developed an actionable plan for moving forward.


The team ultimately made 18 recommendations; based on - 20 hours of interviews and joint working sessions; the team presented a plan tailored to Depaul's environment and workplace challenges.


The recommendations fell into five categories: Corporate applications, End-user computing, Core platform, Telephony and Space. Benefits include increased security, collaboration and efficiency.

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