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Whatever you're passionate about, make the most of it in a career with Accenture. Whether you're a strategic thinker, a digital innovator, a tech wizard, or a business problem solver, you'll find an exciting career path on the cutting edge.

We'd love to get to know your unique blend of talents and help you explore and grow them further. How far will you go?

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Starting a career is different for each of us: you might want to drive success for clients, perhaps you're a problem solver at heart, or inspired by an entrepreneurial freedom to challenge convention. Behind each of our Accenture people is a unique story of pursuit to be greater than.

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Pete Read

Patraporn Read

Prim Read


“It’s amazing how every person around me is a high performer. I’m proud to be part of Accenture.”

Technology Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Versatile chartered civil engineer, passionate cyclist

Describe an interesting project that you worked on which you are particularly proud of.

I am particularly proud of my first project in Accenture. I was part of a global project for almost nine months and served as the account manager for both the Thai and Malaysian markets. My accounts gained global recognition as the first two countries to complete the whole process.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

Currently, I’m working on a digital strategy project. Everyone in the team works quickly. There’s no wasted movement or decision. This made me realize that I need to match my teammates’ energy and speed, so I can deliver high performance.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

I am not afraid to show who I really am, because Accenture respects individuality. Everyone around me, whether it’s my colleagues or leads, knows this and abides by this core value. I am free to be me.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I love cycling. Whenever possible, I train and join tournaments. I challenge myself to become better at it. Accenture’s flexible work schedule allows me to manage my training days. As long as I deliver what is needed, I can pursue my passion.


“At Accenture, I get a chance to work with other talented and enthusiastic people. They help me improve myself in every way and encourage me to develop my domain knowledge and learn about team dynamics.”

Digital Business Integration Analyst
Accenture Digital

Computer geek, bookworm, Homebody

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

Before I joined Accenture, I thought people here worked down to the bone. Along the way, I learned that they don't work hard. Instead, they work smart. They manage their time well so that they can also pursue their passions outside of work.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

Currently, I’m working with the solution and architecture team that develops features for our daily tools. We have weekly meetings to discuss our work and decide which features we'll develop next. We also talk about loopholes or other challenges we have faced. In addition, we have what we call "pair programming" where we test features developed by others, reducing chances of error in our work.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

I am happy to share that in Accenture, I have the freedom to share my opinions to the team, no matter what level they are in. I feel that I am heard and understood, and that my ideas are taken seriously. I also feel that I become better every day. My leads are very willing to coach and mentor me.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I'm passionate about finding ways to improve my perspective of the world around me. I like reading different genres of books to increase my knowledge. At the moment, I'm interested in field data science because I want to understand why things are the way they are. In Accenture, I’m working with data lake architecture which is a starting ground for data analytics and data science. This helps me understand how and where the data comes from.


“Being with Accenture gives me a great opportunity to fulfill my dreams.”

Technology Architecture Delivery Analyst
Accenture Technology

Enthusiastic and optimistic learner

What are some noteworthy contributions you did for Accenture?

At my level, I always make sure that our clients completely trust us. I regularly contact them to check if everything’s clear. If they have questions, I make myself available to them. I want them to know and understand that they are secured with our team.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

I love how our team works in a relaxed environment. Our leads make sure that we complete our work on time.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

Unlike other technology or consulting companies, Accenture showed me a clear career path. Because of this, I’m driven to work on my career growth. I want to move and fulfill a more challenging role. I want to push myself to reach farther, and inspire others as well. I know I can, especially with the support of my mentors and colleagues.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

Right now, I want to be a better consultant. I want to become an expert at what I do. Accenture supports me in achieving my goal by providing me with the right learning tools and experience. I can do so much together at Accenture!

What makes an Accenture career different?

Make a difference

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From internships to full-time opportunities, you can join a collaborative community of leaders and peers ready to mentor, coach and encourage you to be your best. Be a part of an environment that celebrates and supports our differences. Work with the smartest people and see how, together, we’re much smarter. Bring on the real you, and together we’ll make big things happen.


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