Technology transformation

Shift your focus from legacy to transformative technology and deliver change faster

Tech is everywhere, but value isn’t

Businesses across the globe have entered an era of compressed transformation, marked by expansive and concurrent change. CEOs must simultaneously transform multiple functions across the enterprise at speed while reskilling workers and integrating existing programs. In addition, they need to embrace a broader definition of value, weaving social and sustainability priorities deep into the organization.

Realize full value from technology investments

According to Accenture research, a subset of companies is already setting the pace in their respective industries as they strive to realize full value from their technology investments.


that’s the pace at which Leaders have grown in revenue compared to Laggards by doubling down on their investments in technology and innovation


faster growth experienced by Leapfroggers, who have improved value realization with the right technology transformation strategy

Technology transformation: Pivot to greater value

Companies should take this opportunity to achieve greater business resilience, agility, customer experience and return on investment.

While the sequence, pace and level of effort will vary by company, based on their maturity and case for change, the result is the same: driving efficiency and be better positioned to continually improve technology return on investment, while redirecting majority of spend to innovation and other activities that drive growth.

Harness transformative technology to tackle change

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