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Bringing new efficiency and insight to scientific discovery

Scientific research redefined

Life Sciences research is moving fast—with advances in biological sciences generating tremendous volumes and diversity of research data. At the same time the industry needs to drive faster, more efficient and more innovative scientific research.

Through our Accenture Scientific Informatics Services business, we help our clients address business problems that redefine the way researchers and labs operate. Our team helps companies leverage digital technology to revolutionize their scientific laboratory processes to better capture, manage, integrate and analyze laboratory and scientific data.

Scientific Research Solutions

Accenture's Scientific Research Solution helps companies leverage digital technology to revolutionize their scientific laboratory processes. See more.

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Research innovation unlocked

Taking on the need to transform lab and scientific data management.

High impact research consulting

We help our clients innovate, transform, work smarter and improve research processes that can ultimately speed new therapies to patients.

Scientific informatics services

We apply digital technologies to revolutionize scientific and laboratory processes. Learn more.

Platform environment

We focus on drug discovery innovation by combining domain expertise with a platform approach to help researchers analyze data and bring new therapies to patients. Learn more.

Collaborating to speed new therapies

Leveraging design thinking, we help clients build collaborative digital labs enabling adoption of AI, machine learning and in-silico experimentation.

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Driving digital in Biopharma

Podcast series

What we think

How Accenture helped a pharma giant unlocked greater value and performance by standardizing and harmonizing processes globally.

Accenture surveyed 128 life sciences industry leaders to better understand digital transformation in the lab.

Biopharma is facing compressive disruption that could impact traditional approaches. Find out how New Science can reshape the biopharma landscape and deliver better patient outcomes.

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