Burning brighter, burning greener

Global demand for natural gas and liquefied gas (LNG) is booming. Business leaders are ramping up investments in facility expansions, new operations and trading.

Accenture assists natural gas and LNG companies in:

  • Building more predictability
  • Operating safely, while keeping costs low
  • Assuring certainty of supply
  • Supporting optimization across the end-to-end value chain



Although LNG companies may follow different paths to profitable growth, there are common pillars of success in a world marked by rapid change.

Intelligent Operations

Take advantage of digital technologies to enhance safety, optimize your operational protocols and ensure cost-efficiency.

Predictable Construction

Feel confident that your LNG facility will be built on-time and within budget by having a full overview of the construction operation.

Commercial Model Optimization

Align your commercial model to your objectives, risk tolerance and capabilities, understanding the unique challenges each model brings.

Commercial Supply Monitoring and Optimization

Ensure you are set up to quickly adapt to market changes that impact your gas source and ability to quickly pivot and retain profitability.

Commercial Value Chain Optimization

Create a full picture of the operational and commercial implications of decisions your teams are making today across the end-to-end value chain.

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