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The Singapore Innovation Hub is our flagship Hub for Southeast Asia. We work with our ecosystem partners to build a vision of cities that are not just economic powerhouses, but liveable, sustainable cities that are inclusive by design to all stakeholders.

Recognising the need for cities to be resilient, responsible and responsive to the needs of communities, the Innovation Hub brings together multi-disciplinary experts with deep industry expertise and the right technology tools to help our clients not just keep up with the evolving city – but to shape it.

We help businesses to rethink their business models, find new avenues of growth, challenge the status quo and future-proof themselves. Together with our team of innovation experts, we accelerate this process by inspiring clients with our fully digital experience, concept generation and ideation based on human needs, so clients leave with real problems solved.


Shaping the future together

Cities are complex, living organisms that are constantly in flux. At the Singapore Innovation Hub, we help you explore ways in which industries are evolving, helping you navigate the space between the present and the future in key strategic areas:


Leveraging technology and data to improve infrastructure construction efficiencies, and accelerate sustainability and smart building management.


The electrification and autonomy of vehicles presents opportunities for a broad array of adjacent industries, from energy to real estate and insurance.

Safety & security

Boosting security from simulation planning to coordinating & responding via inter-agency and citizen respondents’ collaboration.


Data revolutionises our evaluation of ESG performance, impacting the rigor and discipline needed to create a green supply chain for a net-zero future.

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"Innovation is the strategic enabler of Accenture’s future growth strategy."


Accenture at the World Cities Summit

The World Cities Summit (WCS) 2022 theme is Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Emerging Stronger.

We participated in one of the main plenary sessions on Smart Cities Priorities and also showcased our latest capabilities in the area of digital construction through an immersive experience using AR and VR to optimise the design, build and maintenance process of buildings/infrastructures. We also announced a six-month pilot for our Sustainability Command & Control Center with East Coast Town Council at WCS – a cloud-powered solution which empowers district leaders with insights to lower carbon footprint in their municipal estates and align their efforts with the green economy goals outlined in Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.

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Our offerings

Innovation hub tour

Detailed demonstrations of selected digital assets that are most relevant to your objectives and industry (<2 hours).

Half-day inspiration session

Explore themes, future drivers, and the vision of your organisation with an immersive Hub tour and interactive sharing by our subject matter experts.

Full-day innovation experience

A 1 – 3 full-day bespoke experience where we use design thinking to map out problem statements and an actionable roadmap for your organisation.

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Future of cities blog

Shaping smart, inclusive and sustainable cities.

21st century cities

Asia Pacific’s urban transformation.

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