Envisioning the future of cities

The Singapore Innovation Hub is our flagship Hub for Asia. Here, we work with our ecosystem partners to build a vision of cities that are not just economic powerhouses, but liveable, sustainable cities that are inclusive by design to all stakeholders.

Recognising the need for cities to be resilient, responsible and responsive to the needs of communities, the Innovation Hub brings together multi-disciplinary experts with deep industry expertise and the right technology tools to help our clients scale to reinvent themselves as cities evolve.

Businesses will need to rethink their business models, find new avenues of growth, challenge orthodoxies and future-proof themselves. We accelerate the process by creating the art of the possible through ideating based on clients’ needs, immersing in the latest technology and championing data.

Co-creating Tomorrow Cities, with you

Cities are complex, living organisms that are constantly in flux. At the Innovation Hub, we help you explore ways in which industries are evolving, helping you navigate the spaces in-between new revenue models and industry growth in the areas of:


The electrification and autonomy of vehicles presents opportunities for a broad array of adjacent industries, from energy to real estate and insurance.

Safety & security

Boosting security from simulation planning to coordinating & responding via inter-agency and citizen respondents’ collaboration.


Data revolutionises our evaluation of ESG performance, impacting the rigor and discipline needed to create a green supply chain for a net-zero future.

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Our offerings

Ideation and incubation

Multi-disciplinary teams work with clients to ideate and co-create scalable solutions that accelerate business transformation.

Cross-industry collaboration

With partners that possess the best expertise in their industries, we offer clients the latest innovative solutions best catered to their needs.

Thought leadership

Assess our latest insights and critical thinking mindset to anticipate and overcome challenges of tomorrow.

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