Driven by pressure from stakeholders and incentives from regulators, APAC’s banks, insurance companies and investment firms are facing increased pressure to adopt sustainability initiatives. In light of this, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of 250+ decision makers and influencers on sustainable finance initiatives in APAC.

In the report, you’ll learn why leaders see sustainability as a strategic priority and discover the insights that will ensure a deeper and more sustained positive impact on individual organizations, societies and the environment.

The other major findings of our research include:


  • Rising up the agenda
  • A drive for social responsibility

State of adoption

  • Environmental priorities pursued with products, technology and policy
  • Banking on technology to tackle social and governance priorities

Challenges and opportunities

  • Short-term costs are hindering progress
  • But there are clear business-boosting benefits

Roadmap to sustainability

  • Change begins with awareness
  • A technology-first strategy
  • Meeting the demand to invest with impact

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The road ahead

The road ahead is clear: sustainability will be increasingly woven into the organizational fabric and incorporated in products, policies and processes. As firms seek to increase understanding and transparency of sustainability practices internally and among partners, there will no doubt be a shift in focus towards a more purpose-led vision of sustainable finance in the region.

Episode 1: Market MegaTrends

Nina Jais, Oliwia Berdack

Episode 2: State of Sustainable Finance In APAC

Fergus Gordon, PC Chakravarti

Episode 3: Road to Sustainable Finance

Tim Jordan, Akansha Agarwal

Episode 4: The ESG Opportunity

Elysia Chan, Howe Kian Wan

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APAC’s tech-first road to sustainable finance

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Awareness is key to APAC’s sustainable insurance

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