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Integrating CLM and CRM can speed client onboarding

September 16, 2020


In brief

Unlocking CRM’s untapped potential

Addressing identified risks

Client risk analysis becomes part of onboarding, and insights into addressing identified risks are gleaned even before onboarding is complete.

Speeding up onboarding

Needs are identified earlier, providing timely opportunities for third-party data and direct client communications—speeding onboarding.

Focus on client relationships

Automation helps sales professionals focus on client relationships rather than redundant tasks and ongoing requests for more data.

The Fenergo example

Getting to CLM/CRM integration

Greater efficiency

Shifting to a mandate process versus a “cheaper is better” mindset promotes healthy, sustainable cost management and the chance for increased sales.

Reduced complexity

A CRM approach that includes digital journey management/orchestration helps firms build targeted client solutions while reducing onboarding complexity.

Prospecting support

This approach can support client prospecting—by identifying opportunities and by spotting potential risks related to client business cases.

About the Authors

Philippe Guiral


Harshnil Patel

Director – Salesforce Business Group

James Follette

Vice President – Sales, Fenergo

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