This leading telecoms manufacturer enjoyed explosive growth, quickly becoming a $2 billion business with a presence in over 90 countries around the world.

To support such rapid growth, the company needed to ensure that its spare parts planning and warranty management could keep up. Applying its startup mindset to its supply chain, the company knew it required moving to a lean, flexible operating model that leverages digital technology and expert talent to reduce business risk and meet demanding customer expectations.

What Accenture did

Together, we embedded intelligence and flexibility into the company’s aftermarket operations by using proprietary assets like Accenture’s analytics-driven ‘warranty as a service’ platform. The solution accelerated the claim lifecycle from claim insertion through to invoice generation and ensured the team could meet high customer service standards while scaling up operations in tandem with the wider business.

The team built out the company’s spare parts demand forecasting and planning capabilities by using our SynOps platform to bring together the optimal combination of human + machine talent, driven by data and insights to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

Machine learning and statistical modeling enabled the team to predict demand and maintain order fill rates at 98%, with the ability to forecast when, where, and by whom spare handset parts will be needed.

People and culture

As part of a young business with an agile startup mindset, this company’s workforce knows delivering exceptional customer service is a critical differentiator. That’s especially true in an industry with low barriers to entry. Now they have both the time and the intelligence they need to match and exceed their customers’ expectations. Automated tools and platforms, powered by analytics and machine learning, provide a simpler, more streamlined working environment. And detailed analytics provide end-to-end visibility into support operations. As a result, the whole business is better able to focus on its primary goal: serving its customers faster and better.

Value delivered

By embedding intelligent operations from the outset, this company has ensured accurate spare parts planning, streamlined warranty processing, and enhanced customer service as it scaled up to become a billion-dollar player in the global communications market:


Accuracy in forecasting future demand for spare parts


Reduction in overstocking


Obsolete inventory (best-in-class performance)


Reduction in average warranty processing time – from 25 days to just 15 days


Year-on-year savings

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