Salesforce sustainability partnership

Bringing sustainability to the front office to provide leaders with true visibility into their company’s environmental, social and governance data.

The sustainability imperative

As stakeholders demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts and consumers increasingly expect brands to take action, organizations must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly.

Increasingly, companies are turning to their partners—and to technology. We help organizations embed sustainability into their businesses to create new sources of value and deliver on their values. Our dedicated teams bring deep experience and industry expertise to develop and implement strategies and technologies to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Now is the time for collaboration, for businesses to partner with government and society to reimagine, rebuild and transform our global economy into one that benefits all stakeholders. Hear from Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, and Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, as they discuss why leaders need take action now on the sustainability imperative.

Accenture & Salesforce: A partnership in sustainability

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Businesses must embed sustainability into their DNA

Sustainability is at the core of value creation, driving transformational change to business models. Businesses must embed sustainability into their DNA, or risk being left behind. Did you know that…

73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

4 out of 6 fastest growing food companies in the U.S. in 2019 were plant-based.

125+ countries have plastic-focused environmental legislation in place.

Create competitive agility with Sustainability.

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Chart to show how an organization ensure a sustainable and resilient operating model.

Client success

Partnering to solve clients’ most complex challenges

Driven by the power of data, Accenture and Salesforce reimagine human experiences that reignite growth and accelerate the path to value. Our recently expanded alliance brings imagined sustainability goals to life.

ISDI becomes the first company in France to use Salesforce Sustainability Cloud to reduce environmental impact

ISDI proves that sustainability does not have to come at the cost of efficiency. Calculating carbon footprint can take up to six months. Accenture’s expertise combined with Salesforce Sustainability Cloud provided in-depth data in just six weeks. This work impacted sustainability measures and accelerated our customer’s goal to implement a comprehensive corporate social responsibility policy. This solution allows our client to lead by example while contributing to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more on how Accenture and Salesforce helped make a difference for ISDI.

Accenture Drives Sustainability Change at Uber

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Accelerate a new era of sustainable business

Accenture + Salesforce sustainability partnership

The combination of Accenture’s Sustainability Services, Salesforce Sustainability Cloud and Customer 360 will bring sustainability to the front office and provide leaders visibility into historical and real-time environmental, social and governance data.


Capture the promise of sustainability

Realizing value is challenged by the complexities of data management, reporting and acting on insights. We help leaders capture the promise of sustainability with solutions built on Sustainability Cloud and integrated through Salesforce Customer 360.


Integrate tailor-made industry solutions into the back office; Measure investor- grade ESG data; Quantify financial impacts in targeted business cases.


Connect data & insights across ecosystems; Capture value of sustainability across org; Benchmark performance with CEO-level visualizations.


Embed ESG throughout the organization to realize business and societal value; Execute accelerated sustainability goals; Empower data-driven decision making.


Unlock the value of the sustainable consumer with personalized journeys; Amplify impact of sustainability via managed and quantified engagement driving action.

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