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Accenture Video Analytics

Improve target definition accuracy with AVA

Engage your video customers at every touchpoint

Build engagement and loyalty with data-driven engine that builds hyper-personalized user experiences based on who is watching and what they watch.

Scale to the dynamic video market with a data

Deploy analytics-fueled strategy and marketing actions that optimizes performances and increases customer reach through micro segmentation.

Optimize your ROI on content and delivery costs

Monitor content performance across audiences/channels/ segments to deliver an original video content building brand loyalty and optimizing yield.

Accenture Video Analytics (AVA)

Power your data driven leap

Viewership, ad inventory and experience

Insights provide monetization strategies for segmentation & marketing action.

Content pricing and bundling

Insights support simulation and prediction of customer segment and financial impact of packaging and pricing.

Target advertising

Insights support personalization and cross channel targeted advertising.

Content optimization

Insights support content commissioning and acquisition, overall performance and ROI.

Channel performance optimization

Insights support channel performance, carriage agreement negotiations & measure profitability of content bundles.

Quality of experience

Insights help predict QoE for a segment with options to optimize network, address device issues and manage cost.

Monetizing big data

How to achieve higher revenues from big data?

To allow M6 to exploit the greatest possible value from its data, it was essential that the new analytics platform consolidate the disparate data sources and assets that were previously the sole preserve of individual business units.

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