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Accenture + Red Hat

Committed to open innovation

Our Red Hat services

Open hybrid cloud

Enable a multi-cloud strategy underpinned with hybrid application and data placement across any public or private cloud, virtual and physical environments.

Digital decoupling

Apply new technologies, development techniques and migration methods to allow multi-speed delivery by decoupling systems of interaction from systems of record.

Intelligent automation

Deliver holistic intelligent automation orchestration and management capabilities for any platform, any cloud, anywhere.

What we think

Technology Vision 2024

Technology is becoming more human by design. The organizations who adopt and refine this emerging tech today will be poised for success tomorrow.

Make the leap, take the lead

Tech strategies for innovation and growth.

Hybrid cloud: Enabling the rotation to the New

Learn how your company can capture the value of the cloud and deliver more value to your business.

Our leaders

Elizabeth Green

Global Lead – IBM and Red Hat Practice

Sarah Bernuit

EMEA Lead – IBM and Red Hat Practice


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