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Auris Health

Revolutionizing endoscopy


The endoscope hasn’t changed much since the 1960s but with the proliferation of new technologies in surgeons’ professional and personal lives, Auris Health identified an opportunity to improve on the existing software UI.

Accenture Song’s connected products team worked with Auris Health to design the Monarch Platform, a revolutionary flexible endoscopic technology that promises to fight lung cancer by enabling physicians to diagnose hard-to-reach, small peripheral nodules earlier and with greater precision than ever before.​ The robotic system comprises a Monarch tower, cart, physical controller, and an intuitive physical and digital User Interface that combines traditional endoscopic views with computer-assisted navigation based on 3D models of the patient’s own lung anatomy.

Our work drew on our experience in industrial design, design for manufacturing, user experience, user interface, visual design and high-fidelity prototyping to help Auris achieve their goals for the platform. In 2019 our work won the The Red Dot: Best of the Best award. It was given only to 1.5% of the 2019 Red Dot entries – an indication of the ground-breaking nature of the design quality.

What we did

Acutely aware that we were designing for a team of doctors and nurses, we interviewed a number of professional users to consider not only the needs of the patients but also of the medical team caring for that patient.

We considered the medical team’s entire experience, including planning the procedure, the signals and feedback the machinery offers, and the application of the data gathered during an operation.

User first

It was paramount to ensure that we put the user (i.e. the medical team) at the center of our thinking so that they could do their best for the patients in their care. To maximize their ability to work effectively, we made sure that touchpoints on the cart and the tower were easy to use, and visually prioritized the most-used elements. Custom color-coded lighting gave the operating team instant visual cues that would save time in a very busy environment.

We exploited the full flexibility of the motor-powered endoscope by using a joystick as the controller – a piece of hardware anyone who has played video games would find immediately comfortable.

While every decision we made was driven by how surgical teams would use the system, brand considerations were also a priority. Whether aesthetic or experiential, every design consideration was rooted in establishing and furthering the brand, and supporting Auris Health’s mission of Transforming Medical Intervention.

Pure innovation

The Monarch Platform combines the latest advancements in robotics, user experience, software, data science and radical endoscope improvement to produce a genuinely innovative solution that could have a significant impact on the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

By improving the way in which we can use small cameras and tools to enter the body through its natural openings, Auris Health aims to expand the ways in which the practice can be applied to reduce more invasive diagnostic procedures and increase patients’ chances of survival.

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