Call for change

To engage and develop the workforce, companies know that HR technology needs to be user-friendly and inviting. As technology evolves, employee expectations are evolving with it.

Employees bring consumer expectations to work, whether they’re performing tasks or socializing with colleagues. In the office, they seek to engage with technology in the same way they consume products and services or communicate elsewhere. Companies that build differentiated workforce experiences can reap substantial rewards.

That’s what the choco-confectionery company, Ferrero, had in mind when it established a strategic vision to enhance the employee experience with a more personalized, engaging approach. It wanted to create an enticing new culture that facilitates people in developing their skills and careers at the company.

In addition, more efficient ways of working powered by greater digitization would enable HR and line managers to better monitor workforce performance.

To perform HR processes or learn new skills, people had to navigate through different systems. Ferrero needed help transforming the employee experience with streamlined HR processes and user-friendly technology.

When tech meets human ingenuity

The team used SAP and SuccessFactors to digitize processes and build an online "shop window" on top of legacy applications.


Ferrero collaborated with Accenture to enhance the end-to-end experience for 14,000 white collar employees.


Ferrero collaborated with Accenture in 55 countries.

We aligned Ferrero’s performance management, reward, development, learning and succession planning processes to the new tool’s digital capabilities. The cloud app was translated into 10 languages and is accessible on laptop and mobile. Our team designed a user experience and online interface around the workforce with the aim of boosting engagement, connection and information sharing. The solution enables people to take charge of their company profile, career information and learning/capability development.

The individual’s public-facing page serves as a digital business card highlighting:

  • career experience
  • skills
  • certifications
  • internal projects
  • hobbies
  • volunteering

In a private area on their page, employees can also set:

  • individual development plans
  • career aspirations
  • evaluate and shape competencies and knowledge

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HR professionals use the tool to gain a better view of the workforce’s talent information, such as performance evaluations, courses completed, salary increases and other career-development insights. Artificial intelligence using natural language processing allows HR professionals to perform powerful searches and scan open-ended text fields. For instance, to fill an open position, HR professionals can type in "Find someone similar to Jane Doe," and the system will scan workforce data globally to find the best fit. The solution will provide a list of candidates based on the query and assess how good the match is.

A valuable difference

The streamlined processes are helping employees build their career at Ferrero. People have readily adopted the user-friendly tool to share career information; express career aspirations; be "heard" at the company; and connect with line managers, colleagues, and HR.

The app gives line managers and HR greater visibility into relevant information and helps them facilitate a satisfied, healthy workforce ready to manage new business challenges. Line managers and HR can also use the platform to prepare for annual interviews and automate compensation letter distribution. The new analytical capabilities are helping the HR department make decisions and rethink policies, incentives and practices based on hard data.

The digitized processes and transparency also make it easier for line managers and HR professionals to track performance. Line managers are now enabled to better manage people thanks to the new tool; the app stores individual performance data and compensation letters. It also enables HR to monitor learning plan completion through summary dashboards and reports. With these new capabilities, Ferrero has been achieving its strategy to offer people continuous feedback.

Ferrero now has the tools it needs to unlock the varied and wonderful talents of its people to become a more agile organization. These capabilities are providing a strong foundation to create new attitudes, competencies, behaviors and ways of working to address rapidly evolving needs.

After the launch, approximately 80% of the workforce accessed their profile in order to complete and maintain it.

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