Generating value for renewables companies

Almost while nobody was looking, renewables grew up and joined the energy mainstream. They have passed the tipping point to maturity and emerged as a fully-fledged industry. The question now: What happens next? The answer is that renewables are set to evolve to the next stage, propelled by powerful trends we’ve labeled the five “D’s:

  • Dispatchability
  • Digital
  • Divide
  • Diversity
  • Demand
Explore how these five trends are shaping the future renewables landscape and what that means for operators.


Renewables operators’ move to most margin per MWh

Intermittent renewables such as wind and solar continue to have a growing share in electricity markets, but are becoming more exposed to price variability. Renewable generators are now shifting from a focus on production capacity to concentrating on getting the most margin per MWh. To achieve this, additional capabilities in commercial optimization are needed.

In the future, the ability for digital technologies to move the integration of commercial optimization processes to the next level is a key factor that will distinguish success for industry players. Digital can offer renewable generators an advantage in raising margin/MWh in increasingly competitive electricity market.

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Services overview

We help renewables companies deploy digital technologies to manage and optimize asset portfolios and implement leading practices across projects, operations and maintenance and energy management.

Renewables strategy

Developing strategies in areas such as energy flexibility, supply chain, operating model transformation, PPAs, and renewable gas.

Design and construction

Leveraging digital technologies for design and construction, supply chain and spare parts management and logistics optimization.

Operations and maintenance

Implementing digital renewable hubs to optimize O&M performance. Applying data and analytics for production forecasting and operations.

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