Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform

It is time for media companies to reinvent ad sales as tech giants overtake legacy media brands in global digital ad revenues.

Understand your customers at a deeper level

Technology is connecting audiences with content, information and services. Leaders say 34% of budget is spent on channels they didn't know existed five years go. It is now critical for media operators to understand, and deliver, on audiences demands.

Get personal

Virtual and digital worlds are blending and audiences are wedded to personalized experiences—as a reality.

AI on demand

Audiences expect to engage with platforms that “get them.” AI with Machine Learning can provide data and automation.

Delight with veracity

Today’s audiences are inundated with marketing messages—both real and fake. Marketers need to map the customer journey to deliver experiences.

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Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform

Leveraging process automation, advanced analytics and AI, the Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform accurately predicts customer advertising preferences. 

While prioritizing privacy compliance, the platform can forecast highly qualified audience impressions over any digital platform—resulting in increased monetization of ad inventories across all digital sales channels.

The Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform empowers companies to move from a media-driven to a result-oriented advertising approach.

Inside the AMAP platform

With AMAP your ad sales business transforms from "siloed" to a converged audience, data-driven, multimedia model.

Data monetization

Advanced Analytics platforms enabling business reporting, data discovery and predictive/prescriptive analytics.

Ad operations integration

APIs that fully integrate into your Traditional and Digital Ad Operations environment

Multimedia sales automation

Unique cross-media solution enabling traditional and digital sales proposal management in one platform

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Communications and Media

Unlocking the value of data in advertising

Manzoni partners with Accenture to reinforce its leadership position in advertising.

With Accenture’s platform and services, Manzoni doubled its forecast accuracy over the incumbent provider.


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