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Gearing up for the enterprise metaverse

August 12, 2022 10-MINUTE READ


In brief

Accenture Technology Vision 2022 for SAP solutions

97% of executives say emerging technologies are enabling their organization to have a broader and more ambitious vision.


of executives say their organization sees growth opportunities in participating in the metaverse


believe the metaverse will be breakthrough or transformational

How can SAP customers take a lead?

Powering the enterprise metaverse


With the technologies and data that will power the business metaverse still to be defined, SAP solutions are ideally positioned to take up the mantle.

Managing business systems virtually


Blending physical and digital worlds will allow leaders to see their businesses in new ways with advanced data analysis at their virtual fingertips.

Evolving user experiences


The way people interact with SAP systems will become more immersive, collaborative, augmented with AI, and integrated with core business workspaces.

Changing relationships between people and assets


Physical business assets could become “smart metaverse” assets, able to interact with each other and with SAP systems autonomously in real time.

The long-term vision is of persistent and shared virtual spaces that people can enter, explore, and exit as easily as they move about the real world.

Four technology trends that will define the opportunity


Business collaboration and innovation will be reimagined via metaverse and Web3 technologies—with SAP solutions at the core.

Programmable World

Technologies like edge computing, 5G, and others will enable enterprises to thread together physical assets with SAP systems in real time. 

The Unreal

Hyper-realistic synthetic avatars will work hand-in-hand with employees and SAP solutions to drive ever higher levels of business performance. 

Computing the Possible

A new class of high-performance computers will interface with SAP technologies and data to solve previously intractable computational problems.

As these momentous shifts in technology take shape, the friction that exists today between different digital platforms and virtual spaces will be eliminated.

It’s time to gear up for the enterprise metaverse


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