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The force of change in the travel experience

April 13, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

Travelers’ demands

What does this mean for travel brands?

1. Creativity to inspire.

Driving differentiation with scalable communications and innovative experiences will allow travel brands to meet rising motivations and ignite growth. Learn more.

2. 0-Channel distribution.

Travel brands need to adapt to new liquid demand in the distribution landscape to achieve better return on investment.

3. Tech-empowered.

The right technology foundation for recovery and growth requires incremental transformation with agility, innovation and resilience at the heart. Learn more.

4. Data as guidance.

The combination of cloud and data expertise makes it possible to experiment with new loyalty initiatives, booking flows, customer care and experience. Learn more.

5. Sustainability, the north star.

Travelers are attracted to companies with a track record of green operations, so travel brands need to build sustainability into their DNA. Learn more.

The takeaways

Miguel Flecha

Managing Director – Products Lead, Iberia

Dan Ciocoiu-Muntiu


Teresa González-Trevijano Martín


Esther Sanz