In brief

In brief

  • Why Accenture's collaborative One Connected Supply Chain vision reimagines supply chain processes to unlock value.
  • How distributed ledger technologies enable a multiparty, trusted, 'single source of truth' that opens up powerful shared data capabilities.
  • How to evaluate the data convergence value opportunity for physical product, transactions, and finance.

Time to move the supply chain off life support

'One up, one down' supply chain relationships involving manual, face-to-face and paper-based interaction are no longer fit for purpose.

Siloed, and frequently duplicating actions and processes, are unable to deliver the demand and supply resilience that long global supply chains require in a volatile world. Neither can they enable the visibility and provable authenticity needed to support ever-more ambitious ESG goals.

Critically, an estimated $507 billion in liquidity was trapped in the global supply chains of S&P 1500 companies alone at year end 2020—a record high.

Multiparty collaboration. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

A shift is underway. Leaders are re-evaluating the supply chain as strategic, not purely operational. The solution is collaboration and partnership around a 'single source of truth'. A mindset change that involves businesses recognizing that maintaining their own data no longer provides the key to competitive advantage. And that it shackles them to an obsolete model also unable to deliver the visibility the sustainability revolution now demands.

Accenture's One Connected Supply Chain vision enables the move from a linear supply chain to collaborative, many-to-many networks by leveraging blockchain and multiparty systems.

Optimize operations with trusted information

And easily meet tough ESG requirements around carbon, waste, ethical labor and finance.

Mitigate vendor lock in

Through open standards and integration with systems of record.

Cut risk

By strengthening security, privacy and participant identity.

Drive process automation

Across parties, instead of within them.

Consign reconciliation to history

Reducing opportunities for data to fall out of synch.

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Converging data: product, transactions, and finance

Leverage data around the three core pillars of product, transactions, and finance to enable the next wave of innovation. Combine two pillars or more in One Connected Supply Chain to transform the possibilities still further.

View physical products in 360°

Guaranteeing authenticity and provenance through n-tier, releasing funds and reducing costs, enhancing sustainability tracking.


The value of the global counterfeit market


Locked in disputes between logistics providers and customers

Rationalize transactional processes

Automating data exchange for the contract, invoice, advanced shipping notice (ASN), goods receipt and more—eliminating fall out.


Average mismatch or fallout from typical 'three-way match'

Increase liquidity access

Removing manual process constraints to deliver new ways to mitigate risk, assess counterparties, and optimize working capital—improving supply chain health endto-end.


In unmet trade financing needs

All together now: One Connected Supply Chain

Enterprise supply chain is now seeing powerful examples of leading innovators creating a united view of physical, transactional, and financial data to create more reliable processes.

It's time to act as one

Kickstart your move from competition to collaboration with step by step guidance and lessons learned from others on this journey and help forge the roadmap to supply chain transformation.

About the Authors

Pooja Sanghvi

Supply Chain and Trade Finance Lead – Blockchain & Multiparty Systems

Melanie Cutlan

Managing Director – Blockchain MPS Co-Lead

Tom Fahey

Global Technology & Innovation Lead Accenture Procurement Business Process Services


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