In brief

In brief

  • Accenture has been named the Leader and a Star Performer in the Everest Group Supply Chain Management BPS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022.
  • Accenture earned the top spot among all 14 providers.
  • Everest Group cites Accenture’s ability to support clients across the entire supply chain spectrum and its focus on business outcomes.

Accenture has been named the Leader and a Star Performer in the Everest Group Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPS Service Provider Landscape PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022. This annual report measures providers by vision & capability, which is the ability to deliver services successfully. It also assesses market impact.

Accenture is ranked top among 14 providers by leading in both areas and is recognized for continuing to strengthen capabilities to support clients across the entire supply chain spectrum. In fact, Accenture earned the Star Performer designation for service providers who demonstrate the strongest forward and upward movement on the PEAK matrix.

Everest Group Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPS - Peak Matrix® Assessment 2022

This recognition reflects our focus on outcomes that deliver value beyond cost efficiency in six key areas—financial, risk, inclusion and diversity, experience, sustainability and talent. We call this 360° value and it informs how we partner with clients to reimagine and transform supply chains to become relevant, resilient and responsible.

Outcomes that matter

Everest Group credits Accenture as one of the few providers with strong integration among strategy and consulting, technology, and operations teams at scale across the whole supply chain. It’s how we help clients transform their own supply chains -- from one end to the other -- to achieve their goals. The work is making a difference – from analyzing 25 million warranty claims a year to improve the quality of the cars we drive and the phones we use to compressing average aircraft ground time from 24 to 15 hours to streamline air travel.

"Our 39,000 supply chain professionals across 120 countries are working with clients to make a difference."


Investing for the future

Core to all of our efforts is our focus on continuous innovation and investment. The report calls out our robust ecosystem of partnerships, solutions and services, such as our integrated supply chain control tower to give clients real-time information so they can act on what they see happening. We also developed our XPL service suite, an asset-lite approach to managing distribution, warehousing and fulfillment where clients retain control of critical aspects of their own supply chain.

All are supported by our SynOps platform, in which we invested more than $300 million over the past 3 years. We use it to combine artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and talent to help clients move to digital, data-driven, intelligent operations that are ready for the future. We also invested in key acquisitions in supply chain logistics, end-to-end advisory and engineering, cloud analytics, and fulfillment and distribution solutions.

We help clients harness the full value of all their data and technology to reimagine and transform their supply chains to positively impact business, society and the planet.

Delivering 360° value

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk becomes more important, clients are reconsidering how their supply chains can build resilience and facilitate sustainability. The report recognizes Accenture’s focus on sustainable supply chains, which includes reducing energy consumption, minimizing carbon footprints, improving traceability and decreasing emissions.

As we work to deliver 360-degree value, we are especially proud that clients highlighted Accenture’s flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs. We strive to help clients build the supply chains they need to navigate change and seize opportunities.

In today’s dynamic environment, having an independent, data-driven report can be invaluable when evaluating providers. To talk about what it takes to transform a supply chain into one that is relevant, resilient and responsible, please contact Melissa Twining-Davis via LinkedIn.

Melissa Twining-Davis​

Senior Managing Director, Business Lead Supply Chain – Accenture Operations​


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