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Ad-funded video’s powerful return

April 4, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

Why ad-funded models are back, and how to make the most of them


of consumers agree that it’s too expensive to pay for all the entertainment subscriptions they want.

AVOD/FAST challenges: new game, new rules

What’s your role in a re-aggregated world?

As the rise of ad-funded video creates a major shift, players must think about where they can productively locate themselves in this new geography.

What’s your value to advertising agencies?

SVOD-only models leave a lot of money on the table so platforms will need to persuade advertisers of the advantages of this new spending opportunity.

How will you keep consumers engaged?

Platforms need to understand how to attract viewers to the platform and keep their attention, so they return again and again.

Going beyond video

About the research

About the Authors

John Peters

Managing Director – Media & Entertainment, United States, West

Stuart Green

Managing Director – Media & Entertainment, UK/I

Mark Flynn

Senior Manager – Accenture Research


Business Strategy Manager – Media & Entertainment


Senior Analyst – Media & Entertainment, North America



Research Manager – Media & Entertainment

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