Call for change

On a digital journey

A leading retail and hospitality conglomerate, operating over 900 outlets and covering 30 million square feet of retail across 21 countries, wanted to improve their capabilities. With the aim of boosting their agility and flexibility through digital, the company began an IT transformation journey toward a more cost-effective, customer-centric operation. Accenture was brought in to help the company decide which approach to take.

When tech meets human ingenuity

An agnostic view

Accenture took an agnostic view of the digital options for the retail company. During a month-long assessment, they designed a multi-platform cloud approach, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, that would give the company maximum flexibility and responsiveness at the lowest cost. In the bargain, the company would reduce their IT footprint and enjoy a much more resilient infrastructure. The two companies cocreated a dedicated program staffed with experts from both Accenture and Oracle. In parallel, the company leveraged Accenture’s cloud advisory services, optimizing operating expenses and unlocking the true value of cloud.

The teams leveraged Accenture’s Center of Excellence for Oracle and the Oracle Migration Factory. Their aim: reduce costs by 27% and realize payback within 16 months.

A valuable difference

Resilience and flexibility for the future

The project achieved a mountain of milestones: In just a year’s time, 80% of critical applications migrated to cloud along with more than 1,000 stores and 12,000 users. System stabilization was achieved after just two months.

By migrating to the cloud, the retail company is much more flexible when it comes to moving to other cloud platforms, giving it even greater agility to compete now and in the future. The approach enables the company to have a single view of inventory, product data and transaction details and retail users have the data needed to do their jobs more effectively and easily. Now the company enjoys a smaller IT footprint, at less cost and has recouped its initial investment as planned. The company achieved its cost savings target of 27%.

This is just the start of their journey. Now with their cloud foundation set, they will continue to gain even more flexibility and reduce operating expenses, positioning them for future growth.

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