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Modernizing for growth

Nickel launched in 2014 to provide easy-access mobile banking for all, with new customers able to open accounts at more than 6,000 corner shops in France. Acquired by BNP Paribas in 2017, Nickel today has more than 2 million customers in France and Spain, and plans to expand in Europe. To keep up with demand, it needed to modernize its tools and simplify everything from monitoring finances to improving compliance controls. The bank required a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that would be flexible and fast to implement and chose an Oracle Cloud Solution. Accenture was selected to implement the solution because of its deep partnership with Oracle, advanced technology application expertise, and industry and functional knowledge.

A transformative and easy-to-deploy cloud solution was implemented in record time at Nickel, future-proofing the bank’s operations.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Transforming business in record time

Accenture deployed a collaborative group of experts from Oracle’s technology, financial and risk management teams. Working closely with Nickel, the team harnessed Accenture’s unique hybrid methodology to implement the solution. The approach combined prototyping phases that showcased and validated potential new capabilities in an interactive way, including the design, configuration and testing of the solution. The team leveraged assets and templates from Accenture’s myConcerto platform to showcase standardized best-practice processes, accelerating the project delivery. The dynamic approach enabled a rapid six-month delivery – Accenture’s fastest Oracle ERP Cloud implementation in the French market.

A valuable difference

Flexible foundations for a rapid expansion

The transformative solution was implemented in record time, providing Nickel with the flexibility necessary for its rapid expansion. An integrated and centralized system for finance functions has improved data quality, finance closing timeframes have been reduced by five days, and the implementation of invoices via purchase orders has increased from 40% to 80%. Financial processes can be standardized, and compliance and traceability have significantly improved. Nickel plans to expand into advanced procurement and budget and planning capabilities with Oracle Cloud and aims to launch in eight European countries by 2024, with Accenture providing roll-out assistance via fully offshore solution maintenance. Nickel is well on the way to achieving its ambitious goal of giving everyone, everywhere, easy access to modern banking.

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