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Case Study

Embracing business change with agility

We update our technology with speed and agility to support a new operating model.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

"Our global IT teams are always looking ahead to innovate, so that when a request to restructure the enterprise comes, they are prepared to respond."

— STEVE COLLINS, Managing Director – Global IT, Chief Data Architect,  Accenture

A valuable difference

"When we changed over to the new growth model, we changed how we report P&L in six months. That is extraordinary. It was something we were able to do because of our fast IT."

— PENELOPE PRETT, Chief Information Officer, Accenture


Leaders taking new operating model responsibilities


Employees realigned within the new organization structure


Applications impacted, enhanced and remediated


Mobilization to first release, with no impact on the business itself

Meet the team

Steve Collins

Managing Director – Global IT, Chief Data Architect

Jason Pucker

Director – Global IT, Corporate Technology, Journey & Change Management