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Talent strategy & development

Always ready for change

How can we reinvent work in the age of gen AI?

Lead and learn differently to reinvent work, reshape the workforce and prepare workers, responsibly. Discover how to get true value from gen AI.

The Accenture 360° Value Reporting Experience

Access, create and unlock people’s potential.

Case studies

Immersion, learning and the importance of trust

We worked with Immersion Neuroscience to apply a wearable that measures employee engagement.

Future skills pilot

Accenture worked with Walmart, Unilever, SkyHive and World Economic Forum to launch a pilot program to create more opportunities for people.

Setting up for skilling up

Accenture and Henkel successfully developed and implemented a global learning initiative, upskilling more than 10,000 managers in digital.


Talent strategy

Ensure organizations have the right talent for sustainable growth by building AI-powered talent strategies.

Talent acquisition

To find, attract, and secure the talent needed for sustainable growth by creating modern, engaging, and inclusive experiences.

Talent management

Advance individual and organizational growth through career development, high potential retention, succession planning and performance management.

Talent development

Build skilled talent for current and future work by creating cultures of continuous learning enabled by AI and digital capabilities.

Discover a more mature approach to skilling

Unlocking potential with a skills-driven approach

Our strategic investments


Jobs of Tomorrow: Large Language Models and Jobs

Conversations with our leaders

In the spotlight

Future of work

Explore the transformation of how, where and why we work. Learn more.

Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling

Helping people embrace change with AI-powered upskilling. Learn more.

Accenture Academy

We create agile learning solutions to guide clients through transformation. Find out what’s possible. Learn more.


Helping our clients thrive in times of change

What we think

Refocus your talent lens: Abundance awaits

Accenture research reveals how multinational companies can unlock the potential of more labor markets to access highly skilled workers.

Future of work research

Is work evolving in ways that energize people? Accenture research shows that people want to be supported at work and benefit from hybrid work. 

The tech-powered operating model

Find out how to use data and technology as a strategic asset.

Workforce blog

Our leaders

Allison Horn

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Talent Transformation Global Lead

Chris Chu

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization, Talent Strategy & Development NA Talent Lead

Caroline Dudley

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization, Talent Strategy & Development Global Talent Acquisition Lead

Angelina E. Vilouta

Lead – Global Accenture Academy

Yaarit Silverstone

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Global Strategy Lead & Americas Lead

Tim Good

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization, EMEA Lead

Ashwin Acharya

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for Talent Strategy & Development Lead

Gastón Carrión

Managing Director – Global Natural Resources Talent & Organization/Human Potential Lead