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Murex is a global leader in trading, risk and back-office solutions for treasury and capital markets.
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Calypso provides front-to-back solutions for trading, processing, risk management and accounting.
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Combining technology brilliance and delivery know-how to create future-ready corporate banking and capital markets businesses.
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What we think

The future of capital markets trading

Five key challenges affecting the future of trading. Plan now to design the trading organization of the future.

Taking your Murex MX.3 Platform to the cloud

How can the capital markets industry stabilize, reconfigure and recover from the disruptive impact of COVID-19?

Continuous improvement thru DevOps for Murex users

Accenture and Murex partner to drive continuous improvement through DevOps for Murex clients.

Canadian bank completes migration to Murex’s MX.3

A large Canadian bank found renewed strength and efficiency through improved trading software and more agile ways of working.

BMO: CalMon enhances Calypso platform performance

CalMon increased Calypso performance visibility and business productivity and lowered the total cost of ownership.

LCH SwapClear uses Reformx to improve Murex

Adoption of the Reformx tool brought visibility, speed and efficiency to SwapClear’s Murex development process.

Bluecrest Capital: Platform integration

Targeted upgrades following an assessment of Bluecrest's Calypso trading platform boosted throughput by 800 percent.