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Transform your toll operations with state-of-the-art back-office systems, intelligent operations and a reimagined mobility experience.

What’s going on

Toll revenue brings sustainability to changing road infrastructure and mass transportation systems. And it’s even more important as new climate-change targets reduce other revenue sources like gas taxes. In response, the tolling industry is developing new approaches such as road usage charging and mobility ecosystems.

New technologies redefine toll operators’ role

Advances in technology, mobility services and ecosystems are expanding the breath of services customers can buy and consume, enabling bundling services and an array of payment methods. Toll operators are redefining their role in the value chain and increasingly collaborating across industries to enhance the customer experience.

Environmental goals transform mobility systems

The move toward sustainability is transforming the mobility system economy. The growth of electric vehicles reduces gas tax revenues, while public transportation initiatives need funding to improve networks and adoption. New pricing models are the key to sustainably funding road infrastructure and public transportation.

Minimizing road-side infrastructure

The move to all-electronic tolling systems has eliminated significant roadside infrastructure. The emergence of connected vehicles and new digital technologies will retire even more onboard equipment and road-side technology, resulting in more flexible and sustainable charging schemes.

Tolling subscriptions expand operations

Increased tolling subscriptions and operations consolidation require enormous back-office systems. Take new approaches to deal with these increased volumes and complexities, whilst maintaining high customer satisfaction, flexibility and efficiency.

All-electronic tolling booms — imperfectly

The conversion to all-electronic tolling has led to unprecedented transaction volumes. Its comfort and safety has led to exponential customer growth. While agencies gain operational efficiency, unreadable or nonexistent transponders can mean unidentified road users, causing additional processes or unpaid tolls. Operators need to find new and creative ways to minimize their losses.

What you can do

Focus on in-vehicle experience and services with smartphone integration for seamless customer interaction. Automate interactions within the right context and time to delight your customers.

COTS technology brings innovations from other industries and is configurable to your particular requirements and integration needs. World-class ERP systems are highly scalable and multi-tenant in tolling scenarios, able to natively support the required business processes.

Use artificial intelligence to act as a co-pilot for customer-service agents. Continuously expand AI — especially generative AI — to unlock opportunities for business reinvention, customer experiences, revenue and sustainable mobility strategies.

Transform your back-office operations. Use analytics and applied intelligence to increase compliance and predictability — while reducing costs.

Increase your revenue by offering additional services and commercial offerings, seamlessly integrated via our open architecture. Blend AI, analytics, real-time monitoring, digital applications and new enforcement approaches to reduce revenue leakage.

Focus on the most valuable and differentiating capabilities for your customer experience. Functions that can be automated or that require specialized skills should be sent to efficient and lower-cost cloud services providers.

Our leaders

Ricardo Almeida

Managing Director – Global Tolling Lead

Sidney Edmonds

Managing Director – North America Tolling Lead