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Data is the currency of the new economy. Tap into the deluge of data to isolate insights that are actionable for your organization.


Specific Services

We offer modernizing integrated data warehouses and information management to enable movement, management and consumption of large volumes of fast moving structured and unstructured data.

Case Study

Chicago's big data roadmap

Discover how our big data road map for Chicago spotlighted ways to move from reactive responses to insight-driven approaches, and to build from piecemeal efficiency to mission productivity.

Public service organizations worldwide have a rapidly growing body of increasingly detailed data about the regions they serve, but the information is often not shared among departments to help improve government services.

Chicago turned to Accenture for help in identifying high-value projects and creating a road map for moving forward with big data analytics. The city sought ways to use big data and government analytics to improve service delivery. Accenture conducted an in-depth study of municipal organizations, along with their data sources and systems. The result was a roadmap of initiatives targeting issues ranging from data governance and data quality, to new approaches to apply analytics for improved government productivity.

The City of Chicago is proving that it is possible to improve government productivity by using advanced tools to derive insight from growing sources of information.



Organizations that start and complete big data projects see practical results and significant value, according to a recent study by Accenture Analytics. Those standing on the sidelines may be left behind.

To learn more about how organizations are using big data to transform their business today, download the Big Success With Big Data research report.

Why Accenture

We’re cracking the code on big data. Accenture invests heavily in R&D, academic alliances, and incubation of emerging technologies to advance the industry’s thinking around big data and analytics. Our 900+ data scientists currently serve more than 2,000 analytics clients, 70 of which are Fortune Global 100 companies. To date, we have helped more than 50 global clients use their data to generate data equity, business value, and competitive advantage.

Accenture excels at helping businesses leverage technology to innovate across their businesses through: Information and analytics strategies that identify opportunities within the business in your data. We help clients turn those plans into action to extract value from their data.