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Creating and sharing video can happen so easily today with just a mobile phone and the press of a button. As individuals create and consume video in their personal lives with ease, they also expect it on the work front.

This is especially the case for Accenture and our tech-savvy workforce of more than 500,000 people. The recording and viewing of video has become a widely expected way of communicating and learning by all levels of employees. It is also a natural fit with Accenture’s “digital worker” program, which puts modern capabilities in the hands of our people. And video has grown rapidly as the medium by which many Accenture leaders choose to communicate with our global organization in a personal and engaging way.

With the rise in demand for video creation, our global IT organization needed to respond with making effective and affordable capabilities available as well as providing captioning functionality to make videos accessible for all employees. We also needed to address mobility because the only place employees had sufficient bandwidth and computing power to watch video was in the office. They wanted to be able to watch video outside the office, on the go and on their mobile devices.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Years ago, Accenture moved from an in-house built video solution that stored and managed the company’s videos to a vendor solution that provides enterprise capability and operates as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the cloud. The vendor’s video platform offered video-creation tools, enterprise-grade scalability and competitive pricing. Within Accenture, we named this new platform the Media Exchange.

We gained services that enable video to stream across any device as an out-of-the-box feature. The vendor solution also enables integration with authentication/corporate sign-on, establishing the access controls and reporting that enterprises must have, and enables integration with common enterprise software products. Software versions update automatically.

To address the need for mobility, the vendor developed and released a Media Exchange mobile app that gives employees the ability to stream videos or download media for later, offline viewing.

Over the years, our global IT organization has evolved the Media Exchange by taking advantage of new offerings and deploying new capabilities. We have also taken advantage of the solution’s partner network to seamlessly adopt and integrate new options. In so doing, the Media Exchange offers leading features and reflects the latest trends in design and layout. Several robust features include:

  • Recording through a media creation capability that allows an individual to capture webcam, audio, screen and presentations in parallel.
  • Working with vendor partners to put non-traditional video-creation tools in the hands of employees.
  • Automated video captioning, which makes content viewable without sound and more accessible, supporting Accenture’s inclusion and diversity goals.
  • A chaptering feature helping viewers navigate video content more easily from the video player.
  • Ability to create “personal” channels, a self-provisioned option that provides the opportunity to define the way an individual wants to organize, manage, publish and share video content. Since its inception, more than 1,400 personal channels have been created. With subscription options, individuals can create a following.
  • An easy way to post videos, as well as broadcasts produced by Accenture Productions.

Accenture collaborates with the video platform vendor on an ongoing basis to evaluate new video technology solutions, sometimes working with the partners to provide input on enterprise requirements and integrations. An area of growing interest are virtual classroom capabilities.

A valuable difference

Accenture’s Media Exchange enables our people to use video as an effective and engaging way to communicate, collaborate, train and learn. A hosted video platform puts video creation capabilities into the hands of every Accenture employee, making video creation accessible, easy and inexpensive. Moreover, having an internal video platform in the way of the Media Exchange makes video viewable on demand to all our people. Total cost of ownership is competitive by using a cloud-based, SaaS solution.

The recorded video functionality will continue to complement Accenture’s broadcast production capabilities. In short, the Media Exchange is an engaging way to consume content, and is today one of Accenture’s most popular communication channels.

Accenture’s Media Exchange is used by all employees for communications, learning and engagement. Video is used at the highest levels in our organization, including by Accenture Chief Executive Julie Sweet, and many other executives who choose to use it to engage their organizations and provide leadership announcements. Video tutorials and how-to’s help employees with questions about applications, processes, projects and more. Videos are generated and shared by employees for employees, supporting a true many-to-many communications model. It is also a popular medium for peers within teams to communicate with each other across time zones and geographies.

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