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“I am helping to reinvent Accenture Operations with research, blue-sky thinking and incubating new ideas.”
+ Meet Melanie

Gadget Geek, Outdoor Explorer, Faith & Family Focused

My Accenture Operations Moments: In the past few months, we have worked with leading external experts on technology trends so that we can apply them at large scale to redefine Accenture Operations.

My Accenture Career Moment: When we interview new people, we want to see how they break apart a problem and how they deal with ambiguity, change or uncertainty. We also want to know that they can multi-task. We recently asked an interviewee questions while playing an online soccer game against him. Now that’s multitasking!

I joined Accenture Operations because: I get to be part of a great team across Accenture with backgrounds in Technology and Digital businesses.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Our team works a lot like a start-up company. I am based in Denver, but the majority of my team is based on Chicago. We connect via online applications and I also look in on them most days using a robot on wheels.

I lead by: Focusing on the strengths of the individual. By appealing to people’s passions, I find they bring a new depth to the work we are doing and everyone wins.

- Close
“The culture at Accenture really pushes you to find your interest, because if you’re more interested in something, you’re more likely to excel in it.”
+ Meet Paragone

Responsible, deliberative, traveler, family focused

My Accenture Operations Moments: It happens every time we listen to clients. Rather than being a company pushing solutions in search of problems, we focus on using technology as a business enabler. Because we’re vendor-agnostic, we give clients a more comprehensive market overview, which means I have been exposed to more tech, a wider variety of new thinking and a broader suite of solutions than I believe I would have experienced elsewhere.

My Accenture Career Moment: The culture at Accenture takes a lot of getting used to—there’s a steep learning curve as you learn to navigate the organization. But it’s worth it. Everything is set up here to help you discover your passion and grow it.

I joined Accenture Operations because: When my daughter was born, work-life balance took on a new meaning and I wanted to focus less on projects and more on developing solutions and consulting—working with clients to use technology to solve business problems.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Cloud solutions is an evolving technology set and a fast-moving market, which means there’s a lot of new suppliers, new technologies and new thinking to keep up with.

I lead by: Creating teams that get things done, comprising people with different skills and approaches to projects. I encourage people to take responsibility and let them know they have my support when they need it.

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"Working at Accenture Operations exposes me to leading technology which inspires me every day."
+ Meet Antonella

Family first, shopaholic and exercise enthusiast

My Accenture Operations Moments: Feeling completely satisfied in my job. In my nine years, I have never had any desire to leave. The opportunity to work on varied projects with the world’s largest clients and the most advanced technology is something that motivates me every single day.

My Accenture Career Moment: The projects I work on in cloud are truly exciting. Accenture has a clear roadmap for cloud. Both the infrastructure we have built up and the people we have recruited have established us as a leader in this space. It’s fantastic to be a part of it.

I joined Accenture Operations because: When I tackle a challenge, I am focused on the objective. I identify the client’s individual problems in order to determine the goal that needs to be reached. The projects available within Accenture Operations are perfectly suited to my way of thinking.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I am in a place that is forward-thinking. At Accenture Operations, we have established ourselves as a leader in the work that we do and this recognition and expertise continues to grow. What a place to develop my career!

I lead by: Encouraging my team to think through objectives logically, so they can effectively diagnose a client’s challenge and offer a truly innovative solution.

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“I wanted to find a good work-life balance so I could be there for my daughter. I found it at Accenture.”
+ Meet Uma

Nature lover, movie enthusiast, avid reader and traveler

My Accenture Operations Moments: Being part of teams that mirror our client geographies, which allows me the flexibility to be there for my teams and clients around the world.

My Accenture Career Moment: Leading teams for some prestigious clients and discovering how technology has been such a huge enabler. We use video conferencing and Skype for calls and meetings with people around the world to collaborate, share ideas and drive new and innovative solutions for our clients.

I joined Accenture Operations because: One of my team members in a previous job mentioned that Accenture was flexible and has family-friendly policies as the company understands that achieving a balance between personal and professional life is key to success at work.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Nine years on, I couldn’t be more pleased with the choice I made to join Accenture. This place continues to excite and energize me daily.

I lead by: Establishing a cohesive team which contains a mix of talents and styles of working. I give responsibility to my people and let them know they have my support when they need it.

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“The global Accenture community exposes me to smart people who enable me to learn and grow every single day.”
Charbel (Billy)
Senior Analyst
+ Meet Charbel

Adventurous, initiator, achiever

My Accenture Operations Moments: I am working with a client on an acquisition and the project involves integrating, decommissioning and standing up new infrastructure in order to drive efficiencies. Managing the end-to-end process and seeing the tangible value added is very rewarding.

My Accenture Career Moment: I frequently leverage the Accenture portal to keep up to date with our global offerings and learn about new solutions from the Accenture community. The vast and diverse groups of intelligent people always offer fresh answers that help me learn and grow.

I joined Accenture Operations because: As I was completing my undergraduate degree, I realized that I wanted to combine my passion for technology with my interest in business, and it is Accenture's focus on technology that was a key driver for me.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: People. I work with intelligent, motivated and hardworking people every day and have the pleasure to learn from them as well as share knowledge with them.

I lead by: Putting people first by organizing, supporting and developing team members. I believe this leadership style breeds good teamwork and creative collaboration.

- Close
“My belief is that if we reduce complexity in our lives, it can bring a lot of happiness, cheer and success. This attitude is mirrored in my professional life.”
Analytics Advisory Senior Manager
+ Meet Pramod

Avid reader, respectful, relationship-builder

My Accenture Operations Moments: Digital finance enabled by analytics, automation and artificial intelligence are generating a large change in finance organizations. Accenture Operations is front and center of this shift.

My Accenture Career Moment: Accenture has a strong focus on reducing complexity to bring about a positive impact. I have witnessed and experienced the success this brings to the company, its clients, and, most importantly, to its people.

I joined Accenture Operations because: I moved back to the company to undertake an exciting role that has the potential to disrupt the way Finance operations is run the world over.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I believe there is a unity between my values and Accenture’s core values.

I lead by: Hiring the best people and trusting and empowering them to achieve success.

- Close
“There are endless opportunities to work on new topics and it’s up to you to pursue them.”
IS Switzerland Portfolio Lead
+ Meet Christine

Sports fanatic, globetrotter, family-& friends-focused

My Accenture Operations Moments: Being put forward for the Global Leadership Development Program, which is the procedure the company uses to promote employees to Managing Director. I had the opportunity to discuss Accenture ’s strategy and our ideas on how to innovate with the Operations leadership team and for me, this was a privilege and an example of how much our leaders value us.

My Accenture Career Moment: Designing the global IT operating model for the first global service of a new global shared service center for a financial services company and seeing it becoming real and going live. This was one of the largest deals in Accenture’s history and it transformed the client’s services successfully across the world.

I joined Accenture Operations because: The projects I could get involved in really appealed from a globalization and technology perspective and I was encouraged to dive into new responsibilities and learn along the way with support from my leadership team. The ownership you are granted at Accenture has been integral to my career development.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: There is always an opportunity to work on something new. Accenture is like a big candy box and you are encouraged to choose roles that suit your strengths and skills. You cannot always be selective, but there is a lot of flexibility in your career path.

I lead by: Bringing together the right mix of people, with different approaches and talents. Leading teams by giving responsibility to the individuals and supporting where necessary.

- Close
“The power of our collective knowledge continues to astound me.”
Infrastructure Consulting Senior Manager
+ Meet David

Loving (and tired) dad of one- and four-year-old, cyclist, spontaneous

My Accenture Operations Moments: The bulk of my work has been in infrastructure at life sciences clients with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. I realize that by helping clients execute the transactions faster and more effectively, I am helping them focus on what they do best, which is developing life-saving drugs.

My Accenture Career Moment: My background is in data center facilities, but as I was introduced to additional opportunities beyond the Data Center, and now Cloud, I realized the need to be flexible and explore other areas to support my growth. Accenture supported me every step of the way as I switched gears and focused on the new.

I joined Accenture Operations because: We have a great opportunity to grow at an accelerated pace. A true satisfaction in my job is supporting others in their career growth and the accelerated environment at Accenture enables people to grow and develop rapidly.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Our collective knowledge combines to advance thinking into new areas, even though we might not see it at first. We have created an environment for collaborating, and learning is what enables our success.

I lead by: Encouraging myself and others to be creative, flexible and maintain an open mind as to what we are able to do. I think we all have to be open to challenging ourselves as a mechanism for growth.

- Close
“The flexibility in my role means I can support my children and grow my career.”
Sales Capture Senior Manager and Cloud Advisor
+ Meet Deniz

Loves learning new things, family-focused and sports fan

My Accenture Operations Moments: Feeling comfortable that I am able to grow my career whilst being a dedicated mother to my four children due to the flexible nature of my role.

My Accenture Career Moment: I love working for a company that has a focused vision with the capability to deliver results for clients time and time again. Although it is a vast organization, it functions as a well-oiled machine and knows how to leverage its global reach and resources to truly innovate in the marketplace.

I joined Accenture Operations because: I am satisfied when I solve problems for clients. Making customers happy and driving business outcomes is what I measure myself against and there is always the opportunity to achieve that here.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I have the opportunity to grow, develop, and advance my career. The sky is the limit at this company.

I lead by: Being committed to enabling our clients’ success.

- Close
“I value how Accenture leadership puts their people first and regularly identifies ways to foster growth.”
Technology Consultant
+ Meet Joshua

Traveler, thrill-seeker, and philanthropist

My Accenture Operations Moments: I was given the opportunity to take a leadership role alongside my client’s most critical business unit. In this, I was able to identify a risk that would result in delays and took it upon myself to perform a detailed analysis. My proposed solution to the client resulted in a substantial decrease in the client’s implementation timelines.

My Accenture Career Moment: Accenture’s strong focus on communities aligns with my own personal mission. Employees are afforded the opportunity to connect with colleagues and give back, which is something that I truly value.

I joined Accenture Operations because: Accenture’s brand reputation and focus on technology was a key driver for me. In the interview process, it became clear that a career with Accenture guaranteed me the chance to work with a variety of clients alongside intelligent individuals and that appealed greatly.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Accenture Operations is an environment where I can grow my career. There are a wide-range of roles I can pursue and the multitude of training enables me to expand my knowledge base on technology solutions that we provide to clients.

I lead by: Giving my team members autonomy; providing input and guidance as needed, but encouraging others to define the path to success in order to foster growth.

- Close
“My team has the pleasure of being the face of Accenture. That’s hard to beat!”
India BPO Mobilization Lead
+ Meet Pallavita

Book fanatic, family-focused, infectiously energetic

My Accenture Operations Moments: Receiving direct praise from clients. I lead a large team, spanning six locations in India. I love it when we enable a client’s success and our efforts are acknowledged.

My Accenture Career Moment: Winning my first engagement as a Solution Architect (plus a series of other moments). In my 13-year career, I have had the opportunity to live in Mauritius, Sweden and the UK. Nowadays, I travel to different areas of India. Accenture has given me incredible exposure to the world.

I joined Accenture Operations because: It is rewarding to help clients understand and manage the changes we implement. After the sales team, my team are the first people the client interacts with. We have the privilege of being the face of Accenture.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I have the pleasure of working with talented, driven people, who lead by example – every single day. Helping clients meet their objectives alongside leaders who are dedicated to developing the people they manage and who are at the forefront of driving innovation will always inspire me.

I lead by: Treating everyone equally. Driving consistency and consensus. Ensuring commitments made are delivered.

- Close
“The global nature of Accenture exposes me to a vast amount of opportunities.”
Infrastructure Manager
+ Meet Sarah

Tech enthusiast, passionate traveler and learner of new things

My Accenture Operations Moments: Overcoming challenges that are inherent to working with different cultures. All countries have a specific way of working and it’s been interesting to understand these varied approaches and create a cohesive and successful team off the back of them.

My Accenture Career Moment: Working over 18 months as the tech lead for a £10M program to replace legacy networks in a Financial Services company. It was great to see so many technical minds come together and work cohesively to deliver truly transformational outcomes.

I joined Accenture Operations because: The global nature of Operations was a real driving factor for me. It exposes me to different cultures, challenges my perspective and encourages me to be open to new ideas.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I thrive on helping others achieve results, not only for the benefit of the projects they work on, but also for their personal and professional growth.

I lead by: Always being open minded, positive and proactive. Don’t wait for opportunities at Accenture – go and find them!

- Close
“It’s a privilege to work with the best people every single day.”
Business Continuity Lead
+ Meet Anupta

Dog-lover, aspiring gardener, enthusiastic driver

My Accenture Operations Moments: Keeping our people safe and comfortable and our business up and running after flooding in Chennai, India. I learnt a lot about leadership when I had to balance emotionally supporting my people and minimizing disruption to our client relationships.

My Accenture Career Moment: Becoming a mentor for working mothers and supporting them so they do not feel like they are facing their challenges alone.

I joined Accenture Operations because: No other company has ever made me feel so welcomed and so valued—even after 10 years.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Every day, I work with the best people. Together we carry out Accenture’s values which speak to each and every individual and provide a language that connects us with one another.

I lead by: Caring about each of my team members individually. Letting them know they have my support.

- Close
“Accenture is so dynamic that you will never get bored!”
Infrastructure Services Manager and Cloud Advisor
+ Gabriella

Marathon runner and book lover, full of determination, always smiling

My Accenture Operations Moments: Recognizing that collaboration and fresh ideas are what drives our business to succeed. The results I achieve in my job are not dependent on just following established processes – although there are some – but injecting my own personality, opinion and skills to find innovative solutions to challenges.

My Accenture Career Moment: Working on the front line for our Journey 2 Cloud campaigns is a fantastic responsibility. It makes me proud to be a part of something that is becoming increasingly critical to our clients’ success. They need someone to trust and here I am.

I joined Accenture Operations because: I was looking for a meritocratic environment that provides the opportunity to grow, develop, and reap the rewards of my hard work. Accenture Operations ticks all the boxes and because it’s so dynamic and challenging, it’s impossible to get bored.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: It continues to meet and exceed my expectations. I am eager to reach the next level in my career and Accenture provides the tools, management and network to enable this.

I lead by: Giving people the freedom and flexibility to explore new ideas and find fresh solutions, while keeping the right work-life balance.

- Close
“I am proud to be part of a company with a strong spirit of drive, energy, collaboration, passion and change.”
Global Mobilization Senior Manager
+ Meet Luise

Adventurous, foodie and spontaneous while being organized

My Accenture Operations Moments: Realizing that, while other companies talk about change and innovation, it doesn’t happen fast because strict processes get in the way of doing something new. Accenture Operations is the opposite.

My Accenture Career Moment: As I strived to learn processes and find out about the client and project in my first few months, I also worked to build my internal network. These strong relationships with colleagues who could share best practices and provide training enabled me to grow confident in my role and tackle its unique challenges.

I joined Accenture Operations because: While interviewing for the company, I met a lot of Accenture people who were smart, interesting, driven people that I would like to go for a drink with. I was sold.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Accenture’s spirit is one of drive, energy, collaboration, passion and change.

I lead by: Transforming our client’s business models, enabling high performance teamwork and delivering on promises.

- Close
“The opportunity to specialize in areas means my unique skills are really put to use.”
Infrastructure Senior Manager
+ Meet Tracey

Rugby fan, family-oriented, eager to seek out and try new things

My Accenture Operations Moments: Working with my team and finding solutions to challenges that appear unresolvable.

My Accenture Career Moment: Having a powerhouse for a career counselor, who provided invaluable support and advice that helped me progress.

I joined Accenture Operations because: It was the size and complexity of Accenture’s work that appealed, as well as the ability to specialize in an area. The clients that I could be working with and the projects I could undertake really impressed me.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I enjoy the opportunity to travel and live in a different country. I have formed friendships across the globe because of Accenture.

I lead by: Being tenacious. I approach problems as mine to solve, and encourage team members to do the same.

- Close
“I did not fully appreciate the breadth and depth of Accenture prior to joining. Today I feel proud to bring the best and most innovative solutions to our clients.”
Operations Growth and Strategy Senior Manager
+ Meet Rebecca

Runner, reader and ‘Mom’ of Goldendoodle

My Accenture Operations Moments: I have had the chance to work on very exciting projects, such as the acquisition of Procurian in Business Process Outsourcing, which was significant in terms of size of the deal and the strategic importance to our business.

My Accenture Career Moment: Accenture has far exceeded my expectations in valuing me as an individual and has demonstrated great flexibility in accommodating many moves due to my husband’s military career.

I joined Accenture Operations because: I enjoy the challenge and privilege of thinking about how we continually position Operations for continued growth and market leadership.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I have grown professionally by having the opportunity to work alongside intelligent, driven and forward-thinking people.

I lead by: Emphasizing relationships with my team and colleagues so I can better understand how their interests and strengths align to projects and setting challenging, yet realistic milestones to be celebrated once achieved!

- Close

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