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Accenture + Coupa

Sustainable by design

Accenture + Coupa: Sustainable by Design

Closed loop spend management

How we make it happen

Closed Loop Spend Management (CLSM) is at the heart of that work to deliver new procurement value. By bringing procurement, finance, and your business model together, CLSM helps transform direct and indirect costs that don’t create value into opportunities for growth, impacting SG&A and COGS. By bringing together the power of digital, data and AI, we create more efficient, agile, and responsible procurement and supply chain operations.

Accenture and Coupa achieve this by harnessing the BSM platform to help ‘close the loop’ by making the most of costs that don’t need to continue, while gaining an end-to-end view of the supply chain and combining live market data and community insights from more than 2,000 Coupa customers to determine a more cost-effective operational path forward.

We embed sustainable sourcing practices across procurement with supplier risk assessment tools and help you shift from working in siloes towards collaborative innovation, all the while managing risk in real time with automated fraud detection solutions, transaction controls, and compliance guard rails. By integrating Coupa’s offerings with Accenture’s proprietary platform, myConcerto, the entire business transformation is accelerated.

Coupa optimisation with XoomTune

Integrate Coupa with existing ERP systems using XoomConnect

By the numbers


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Case studies

Visibility & efficiency propel Thai beverage company

Using Coupa's Business Spend Management (BSM) platform, Accenture helped Osotspa take advantage of automation and visibility to grow into new markets.

Smart procurement saves food giant time and money

An agile cloud-enabled platform makes purchasing quick, easy and compliant. Business-critical goods and services are procured with just a few clicks.



“Strive for Excellence” Partner Connect award winner, Coupa Inspire – North America



“Focus on Results” Partner Connect award winner, Coupa Inspire – EMEA



Meet our lead

James Dinette

Supply Chain & Operations Connected Solutions, Coupa Business Lead