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The state of supply chains during COVID-19

Supply chain disruption
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Design your intelligent supply chain with purpose

Supply chains today are under pressure like never before. They need to meet more complex demands from customers and the business. They need to adapt to the global disruption caused by COVID-19. And they need to be responsible and responsive to outmaneuver uncertainly in a world that brings fresh challenges and opportunities every day.

The solution? To create a customer-focused supply chain that operates faster, with more agility. To boost efficiency through zero-based optimization. To fuel future growth through greater resilience, sustainability, transparency and trust. And to enable people to work differently and better through the transformative power of data and digital technologies.

That’s what we call the intelligent supply chain: an engine of growth through new customer experiences, a driver of profitability in challenging economic times, and a responsible source of stakeholder trust in the post-COVID world enabling competitiveness.


Intelligent Supply Chain and Operations | Accenture

The intelligent supply chain is an engine of growth through new customer experiences and a driver of profitability in challenging economic times. See more.

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Adapting to outmaneuver uncertainty

Purpose-led intelligent supply chains help Chief Supply Chain Officers continuously innovate, build competitive advantage, and improve business, customer, and societal outcomes in an ever-changing, ever-challenging world.

Create true customer-centricity

Future competitive advantage and growth rests on supply chains that can deliver innovative and hyper-personalized products, services and experiences.

Fuel growth through profitability

Zero-based spending helps CSCOs manage variability, enhance performance, unlock value and fund future-facing investments that transform the business.

Move faster, with agility

Human+machine supply chains are designed for speed, agility, flexibility, end-to-end visibility, customer-centricity, and ecosystem collaboration.

Do good for society and the planet

Responsible, sustainable and transparent supply chains increase brand value and build crucial trust with customers, partners and societies.

Reduce risk, increase security, build resilience

Secure, resilient and responsive supply chains help a business anticipate disruptions, respond quickly, and identify ways to reshape for the future.

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How we make it happen

We bring together applied intelligence and advanced digital expertise in a way that puts people first. Combined with our global innovation capabilities and key partnerships, we help make supply chains work better, faster, and with more resilience.

Customer-centric supply chain transformation

Develop a segmentation strategy and platform-oriented operating model complemented with a "living" tech architecture and ecosystem partnerships. Read more.

Integrated spend management

Use zero-based spend to improve visibility, enhance control, transform procurement, and release funds for new investments enabled by leading procurement and finance technology.

Zero-based supply chain

Use zero-based supply chain to target value, manage design costs more effectively, and transform supply chain analytics.

Sustainable and responsible supply chain

Increase trust with customers and suppliers through transparency and responsibility, target net zero emissions, and embrace the circular supply chain.

Operational agility transformation

Use prime value chain analytics to increase transparency, bridge silos, turn complexity to your advantage and reshape operations around customer value.

Resilient supply chain

Adapt to the post-COVID reality by stress testing supply chain resilience, improving responsiveness, and outmaneuvering uncertainty more effectively. Read more.

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Our ecosystem

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators.

What we think

Case studies

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We worked with Rolls-Royce as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium.

A new SAP S/4 HANA ERP solution ushers Merck KGaA Healthcare into a digital future.

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