Autonomous robotics systems

Redesigning manufacturing for human + machine collaboration.

Are you ready for smart, scalable robots?

Robots are extraordinarily helpful machines - but they can also be somewhat hard to use:

Super-specific capabilities and often proprietary, sometimes even obscure programming procedures have restricted the ways in which robots can create value for years.

That is... until recently.

Because recently, AI-controlled, autonomous robots have become economically viable. Driven by a combination of falling prices and the rising practicality cases, "smart" robots can now be deployed at scale - and harnessed for an ever-increasing number of ever more complex tasks.

Is your business ready to seize the opportunities which come with that?

Harness the power of smarter robots:

Increased safety

Autonomous robots can maneuver through dangerous environments which are risky to human life and often otherwise inaccessible.

Drive costs down

The implementation of robots will often lead to faster and more efficient inspection and quicker turn around times leading to notable cost reductions.

Increase efficiency

Functions and processes across industries can be automated and better governed leading to reduction in error and re-work.

Enhance productivity

Enhance revenue by improving perfect order fulfillment rates, delivery speed, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Perform routine tasks

Collaborative robots working side by side with humans can improve efficiency, reduce mistakes, and allow humans to focus on more strategic work.

Address labor shortage

Robots help fill the void in areas where there is regular labor shortages for certain tasks.

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Create value everywhere!

By the end of 2023, 50% of robot end-user organizations will have switched to third-party robot-maintenance providers to enjoy faster response, higher availability, and better cost effectiveness.


of G2000 Industrial Automobile manufacturers will have digitally connected at least 30% of their robots to a cloud platform by 2023.


of leading retail stores will have in-store robots, thus increasing worker productivity by 40% by 2023.


of G2000 Oil & Gas and Mining organizations will have deployed autonomous mobile robots (including AGVs) to increase total productivity by 2021.


of life sciences, biotech and pharma companies have ongoing smart factory initiatives to increase efficiency in production, reduce human risk and increase cost effectiveness.

How we'll help:

Human augmentation

Thinking about robots: "Should you get autonomous robotic systems for your business?"

We can help you with:

  • Robotics Strategy
  • Service Design & User Experience
  • Program Scale-up and Change

Site robotization

Deploying robots: "How do you deploy the right autonomous robotic system in your business?"

We can help you with:

  • Use Case Development & Enablement
  • Software Platform, Ingestion & Analytics
  • Prototype & Site Planning
  • Robot Solutioning Programming & Optimization

Robotics applications & integration

Optimizing and scaling robots: "How do you get the most out of your robots?"

We can help you with:

  • Platforms, Data & Hardware Integration
  • Remote Support & Tele-operation
  • Custom Apps & Interfaces
  • Data Security & Risk Management
  • OT/IT Integration

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Awards & recognition

Expertise you can build upon: Independent research organizations continuously recognize Accenture as a best-in-class provider of operations consulting, solutions, and services.


Verdantix 2020 Green Quadrant for Operational Excellence Digital Services

A leader in ’Operational Excellence Digital Services’ market worldwide.


HfS Top Ten Report for Industry 4.0 Services 2019

Accenture ranked No.1 overall for Industry 4.0 Services in 2019.


HfS Top 10 Manufacturing Service Providers 2019

Accenture ranked No.1 overall for Manufacturing Service Providers in 2019.

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Callisto Integration

May 5, 2020 - Strengthens Industry X’s ability to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible. Read more.


February 19, 2020 - Bolstering Industry X's strategic design and innovation approach to build smart connected solutions. Read more.


November 14 , 2019 - Add skills in supply chain and manufacturing software to the Industry X practice. Read more.

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