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Choose a video streaming platform that can pivot to meet viewer demands and sustainable business growth.

Streaming service platform built to scale

Accenture Video Solution is the foundation behind many of today’s most successful IPTV, OTT TV and internet TV video streaming platforms. End-to-end video platform powers digital video businesses from content management to end-user experience.


Accenture Video Solutions holds the world record for most concurrent users streaming for a single event.

Premium video platform

Accenture Video Solution (AVS) enables content monetization, SVOD and digital services at scale, with modular architecture that configures to meet business needs without stringing multiple vendors together. Agile video microservices speed implementation of new features, reduce development effort, and provide a nimble platform for innovation – all on one online video platform.

E2E architecture provides a smooth path for migration from legacy systems to a cloud-based IPTV/OTT TV platform, and a launchpad for digital services such as smart home and connected lifestyle, to increase revenue and customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Analytics support use cases from optimizing content ROI to improving customer care. Insights into customer preferences and patterns allow businesses to give users more of the services and content they want. Extensive API library integrates with a wide range of devices to increase streaming service platform stickiness, content monetization and customer lifecycle value.

Communications and Media

AVS – The Next Generation B2B2C Video Platform

The modular AVS platform is a backbone for innovative IPTV and OTT-TV and video services supporting core business functions - manage content, engage users, monetize services, monitor quality and measure performance.


Why Accenture Video Solution?

AVS’s containerized, cloud-agnostic architecture leaves behind vertical data siloes and monolithic legacy platforms to help digital video businesses scale with ease, whether they’re focused on OTT TV, IPTV, internet TV, or a combination.

20-30% reduction in total cost of ownership

Cost-to-scale, and time and headcount to implement new features or UI, is reduced with agile, video microservices-based E2E platform.

20-30% increase in effective catalog size

Metadata and content usage analysis enables recommender systems to increase SVOD take rate, user engagement, and breadth of content viewed. Learn more.

20% higher customer retention

Targeted user personas, audience segmentation and service personalization increase feature adoption and number of minutes watched while lowering churn.

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Case studies

Formula 1® teamed up with Accenture to relaunch F1® TV, a cloud-based video experience to deliver great content to a much higher number of fans.

Hotstar leverages Accenture Video Solution to build a scalable and resilient video streaming platform.

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