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Intelligent enterprise search solutions

Gain better insights from your data, faster

Example intelligent enterprise search use cases

Intranet portals

A single point-of-access for employees to navigate enterprise information, find experts, locate policies/procedures, etc., to drive business decisions.

Support portals

Enable customers, employees, and partners to solve problems that require deeper knowledge from various functions of the organization.

Research and development

Integrates information from markets, competitors, customers, and various data sources to solve challenges and identify new opportunities.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Identify user intent and direct the user to the appropriate chatbot to complete specific tasks.

Enhance the insight discovery experience

Search engines are out: “Find Engines” are in

With new AI-powered, intelligent enterprise search to deliver more accurate information, search engines are becoming "find engines.”

White Paper

Intelligent enterprise search with practical AI

As users become accustomed to everyday smart apps, they expect the same experience in the enterprise. This white paper identifies the building blocks for intelligent enterprise search and show how organizations can achieve this capability.

Consulting and implementation services

Advanced content processing and enrichment

Leverages Accenture’s Aspire Content Processing technology to acquire and enrich content from a wide variety of data repositories.

Enterprise search application development

Incorporates NLP and ML to help analyze and derive business-critical insights from enterprise text, audio, images, and videos.

Question-answer system development

Provides intelligent, targeted answers to natural language search queries.

Search & content analytics blog

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Search and Content Analytics

Unlock the value in unstructured data – text, images, voice – with search, analytics, NLP, and machine learning.

Accenture Artificial Intelligence

Make your AI vision a reality by knowing where to start and how to scale—making the most of your AI investments.

Data and Analytics

AI is only as smart as the information that fuels it. We can help you unlock and apply powerful insights from your data.