Finance at Accenture

Reimagining finance to drive further value for Accenture, our clients and our people.

Transforming finance

Accenture Finance is pursuing a transformation journey to prepare for tomorrow’s demands—led by a strategy to drive value for a growing and ever-more complicated Accenture organization in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Our journey is focused on reimagining processes, digitization, and people with an emphasis on innovation as we evolve from traditional finance activities to an intelligent finance operation.

Our aim is to advance as a strategic partner to the business enabled by new processes, digital technologies, and a transforming workforce.

KC McClure

Accenture Finance Reimagined - Getting to the future first

Listen to KC McClure, Accenture CFO, share how our Finance organization is changing the way we work, driving value for our clients, our people and Accenture.

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Case studies

Accenture is innovating in a new reporting era by bringing together financial and ESG metrics, progress and performance.

How we reimagined Accenture Finance to benefit our company, clients and our people.

Accenture’s seasoned acquisition capability is a strategic lever in capturing value and fueling organic growth.

Our new pre-close variance report with automated variance analysis and commentary delivers a leap in quality, capability and controller productivity.

Accenture reimagines the way we work with an intelligent cash solution.

Our liquidity management response to COVID-19 powered effective decision making.

Accenture is on a journey of harnessing the power of our data to empower our people with new possibilities to answer new questions in new ways.

Accenture creates a foundation for modernizing real estate capabilities with SAP® Flexible Real Estate Management.

Accenture Finance outmaneuvers uncertainty with a robust business resiliency plan.

Accenture’s new model for growth positions the company for greater potential.

Accenture internal audit services evolves its processes and innovates with technology.

Finance business services are digitized to better manage, sell and deliver client work.

Controllership is today a world-class organization powered by our people’s knowledge, shared services centers, digitization and centers of expertise.

Accenture implements SAP® Analytics Cloud to enable advanced analytics and planning at scale and speed.

Accenture adopts SAP® Cash Application enabling intelligent account receivable matching automation through embedded machine learning.

Accenture is among the first enterprises to run its production SAP S/4HANA® system on Microsoft Azure's next-generation virtualized architecture at scale

Learn how automated billing marks another significant step in advancing Accenture’s journey to intelligent finance.

Accenture implements SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW on HANA to enable Accenture to operate at scale and at speed.

Accenture today closes its books in four days at the country level, in five days globally, and in two days to deliver pre-close management reporting.

Accenture adopts automation solutions to support its need to operate with quality, agility and at scale as it supports new businesses and growth.

Read how Accenture is transforming the Treasury function with SAP S/4HANA capabilities to enable analytics, automate and streamline operations.

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Future Ready Finance podcasts

Visit the Future Ready Finance podcast series page for more insights.

Listen to how Accenture’s seasoned acquisition capability is a strategic lever in capturing value and fueling organic growth.

Learn in this podcast how Accenture managed liquidity during uncertain economic times. 

In this podcast, hear how we are driving our finance journey with SAP.

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Insights from our blog

Accenture Finance is pursuing a transformational journey—led by a strategy to drive value for a growing and ever-more complicated Accenture organization in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Explore our blog for insights on our journey.

How we’re reimagining our finance learning

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How we shaped a value-led finance transformation

KC McClure shares how Accenture reimagined finance to drive value and innovation for the organization, our clients, and people.

How to develop robust finance business resiliency

Accenture developed an industrialized business resiliency capability after 18 months of rigorous planning, implementing and testing.

Five winning ways to world-class controllership

Accenture Controllership has evolved to become a leading organization and this blog shares five factors to our success.

Meet our CFO

We are reimagining Finance at Accenture with an ambitious vision rooted in value and a strategy focused on empowering our people.

KC McClure

Chief Financial Officer at Accenture