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The utilities cloud imperative

January 18, 2021


In brief

Utilities IT operating models under pressure for radical change

State of cloud in utilities today


Cloud SaaS solutions


Cloud Paas solutions

Accelerating the energy transition with cloud for utilities

Accenture is investing $3 billion over the next three years to enable our clients to rapidly become CLOUD FIRST businesses.

Moving to action

1. Humanize the cloud

Paint a picture of how cloud adoption will create a better experience for customers and employees.

2. Go wide, not just deep

Develop a business case and staged plan for cloud adoption across the entire enterprise.

3. Create a cloud operating model

Establish an IT operating model that includes the cloud.

4. Focus on systems resilience

Confirm that systems can operate during a major disruption or crisis with minimal impact on critical business and operational processes.

5. Develop strength from within

Identify and cultivate dedicated cloud talent.

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