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"Nearly every bank has taken off on their journey to cloud, but very few have gotten more than a few feet off the ground."

— Mike Abbott, Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

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Banking Cloud Altimeter is the bank executive’s go-to guide for banking in the cloud. In this digital magazine, we share research findings, best practices from years of experience with global leading banks and industry leaders, as well as the latest updates from our cloud partner ecosystem.

In Volume 3, Is your bank's culture limiting the value of cloud?, we examine how investing in talent and rethinking workforce culture is crucial to a bank’s cloud strategy.

Our goal is to show you not only how far the banking industry has come, but also how far it has yet to go. We will highlight the successes, but also point out the hurdles. And we’ll talk a lot about how banks can succeed in a rapidly changing cloud landscape.

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Learn why the human-tech disconnect is an important part of the cloud journey.

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Analyzes the migration of 100 global banks across Enterprise, Data & Analytics, Surrounds and Core.

Reviews the tradeoffs banks need to consider as they weigh private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

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Case studies

Vancity grows its commercial lending business with nCino Bank Operating System.

Australian challenger bank Judo worked with Accenture and nCino to give their customers a truly outstanding, responsive and personalized service.

By streamlining Nickel’s services in six months, Accenture & Oracle accelerated the company’s mission to provide easy-access mobile banking for all.

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Banking cloud blog

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Banking Cloud

Accelerate bank transformations with cloud-native cores

In this blog, Anna McKinven and Emily Heffelman explain why it’s key for banks to consider the broader tools and strategies to support their cloud journey.
Banking Cloud

Why achieving alignment can supercharge banking cloud transformations

Bridie Fanning explores the connection between organizational alignment and cloud transformation in financial services.
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Accelerate your bank’s cloud transformation with the three As

In part three of this series, Bridie Fanning analyzes three key attributes for cloud transformation in banking.

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