Call for change

As part of a major push to simplify and better manage spend, Sun Chemical sought to transition its purchasing functions to the cloud. Making this move would help the company align with industry best practices. It would also help it deploy new functionalities such as guided buying and spot buy. And it would facilitate quarterly updates to its SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing system while avoiding lengthy and costly system implementations.

As a move to the cloud would be a major undertaking, Sun Chemical was confident that Accenture was the right collaborator to help implement a solution, transition its purchasing systems to the cloud and facilitate a seamless transition of the platform back to application support.

"We have a long track record of successful project delivery from Accenture. We felt leveraging their industry and technology expertise put us in the best position to be successful."

— BRYAN SCHATZMAN, Chief Information Officer – Sun Chemical

When tech meets human ingenuity

Sun Chemical and Accenture implemented the cloud-based SAP Ariba buying and invoicing module over a 10-month period. This solution includes new features. For instance, guided buying routes users to the correct type of purchase and permits rules to stop users from submitting a requisition if they are out of policy. And spot buying gives users a chance to buy from established sellers and marketplaces instead of creating a non-catalog requisition.

Importantly, the implementation brought in the Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG), the newest integration toolkit that facilitates master data and transactional data transfer between ERP systems and Ariba. The implementation of CIG moves all integration components to the cloud, allowing customers to avoid periodically re-implementing a new integration toolkit.

Working within a challenging timeline, Accenture leveraged its high velocity accelerators (notably myConcerto assets such as a prepopulated business requirements workbook and a master data integration guide) to quickly educate Sun Chemical’s employees on functionality available within Ariba.

Assistance was also provided by the onshore team that worked collaboratively with the offshore delivery center in the Philippines, as well as the application outsourcing teams.

The purchasing solution not only allows Sun Chemical’s employees to stay up to date with the latest functionality, but also provides a user-friendly interface that routes purchasing users through recommended buying channels.

A valuable difference

With the first project wave live in just six months across three regions (North America, Europe and Latin America), Sun Chemical’s purchasing solution has fully shifted to the cloud. With the new system in place, Sun Chemical can start increasing the use of spot buy, contract compliance and preferred suppliers to achieve targeted savings.

Beyond improving the purchasing experience for its user base, Sun Chemical is benefitting from:

Greater flexibility and adaptability

Sun Chemical can quickly integrate between SAP and Ariba, shift connections to the cloud and seamlessly transfer data.

Industry best practices for purchasing

Sun Chemical can decrease its one-time purchases, deploy informal bidding events and negotiate prices with suppliers in real time.

Enhanced functionality provided by a new solution

Sun Chemical has an up-to-date platform allowing it to navigate complex decision making and thrive in a competitive chemicals marketplace.

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"With Accenture, we’ve implemented a flexible, up-to-date system that we can build on, and we’re meeting industry best practices as we continue on our journey."

— TOM KOLLMANN, Plan To Procure IT Global Process Lead - Sun Chemical

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