Data transformation

Cloud unlocks the power of data and AI to accelerate the next wave of product and market growth.

Data is the driver and AI is the differentiator

Migrating data to cloud, while a significant effort for many, is only the first step. Migration opens the door to the much larger opportunity of creating a trusted data platform across disparate parts of the business. A value creation platform that can be used to augment and reinvent operational workflows, activate more informed and engaging customer and employee experiences, and fuel the next waves of product and market growth.

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Forrester WaveTM Data Management Service Provider
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Spotlight: Lighting the way with data on cloud

Data’s worth depends on its accessibility and application. Cloud is the only place where data gains scale, agility and the power to drive reinvention so business can soar. Migration is (just) the start. Companies should take steps to modernize their data foundation, so their people can operate with data and cloud innovation at their fingertips.


Data transformation on cloud

Accenture helps accelerate cloud data adoption and unlock its full potential.

Set the stage

Assess current data maturity and capability, develop architecture and roadmap.

Make the move

Stand up cloud services, build a data foundation and data products.

Operate and optimize

Automate data governance, infuse AI/ML into data management.

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What we think

Case studies

AXA Bank Belgium teams up with Accenture to become a leading data-driven organization.

Accenture unlocks the promise of advanced analytics with Google Cloud.

Combining cloud and workforce transformation for lasting success.

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View perspectives from our leaders on transforming data in the cloud.

Empower data to gain scale in VMware cloud

A hybrid/multi-cloud approach helps data gain its true potential to achieve scale and agility.

Accelerating modern data foundations with Databricks

Accenture and Databricks are building a new way for companies to accelerate their digital transformation on cloud with a modern data foundation.

How to get more value out of your data in the cloud

We continue to be awed by the new ways that cloud enables companies to transform their data foundations to extract even more value from their data.

Alliances and partners

With data becoming the new playfield of competition, together with our partners, we help businesses turn data into competitive advantage.

Our leaders

Join the Cloud Data & AI team

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily, but all that data is meaningless to companies unless it’s accessible and broadly applicable. That’s where you come in.

There’s a whole new world of cloud data career opportunities—and Accenture is the best place to build them. We have the size and scale needed to navigate complex client journeys, an ecosystem of cloud partnerships, and world-class training and development programs to guide your career journey.

Harness the power of data at Accenture.

Cloud Data Careers

Careers blogs

Learn more from our leaders on why Accenture is the best place for your data career.

Boundaryless opportunities in cloud data transformation

What does cloud transformation mean for careers? Laetitia Cailleteau highlights a world of possibilities for reinvention.

Master Data Architects drive the future of cloud data

Sriram Anand discusses the next level of cloud data expertise, the Master Data Architect Program with MIT.

2.5 quintillion reasons why Accenture is best for a cloud data career

Global Data & AI Leader, Shail Jain, talks about why Accenture has all the right opportunities to build a world-class cloud data career.

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Accenture helps accelerate cloud data adoption and unlock its full potential. We offer unmatched expertise, comprehensive technology solutions, a vast industry ecosystem, and intelligent insights to fuel innovation and business growth. Learn more.
Together, three core characteristics define a modern data foundation and help companies overcome some of the most common barriers to value: data accessibility, data trustworthiness, data readiness and timeliness. Learn more.
Set the stage - Assess current data maturity and capability, develop a data strategy aligned with business, select cloud services, develop architecture and roadmap. Learn more.
Make the move (Migrate & modernize) - Stand up cloud services, build data foundation, migrate, as needed, from on-prem, build new data products. Learn more.
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