Sustainable technology

Digital technology is one of the greatest enablers of sustainability.

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Sustainability powered by technology

The twofold imperative

The digital revolution has transformed how we live and work. It has helped us to create new, tailored products and services and we can do almost everything faster, more conveniently and affordably than ever before.

Yet as technology has permeated society, the amount of energy it consumes has grown huge. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain and quantum computing will compound these energy needs.

Technology also provides many solutions to help society become more sustainable. Smart building systems, robotics and digital twins can help organizations to become more efficient and shrink their carbon footprint. Cloud computing lets utilities manage energy sustainably across entire grids.

We must address an urgent twofold imperative: we must make technology itself more sustainable, and we must use technology to become more sustainable. And we must do both in a responsible way, building in proper governance, respecting privacy and building trust.

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Enabling sustainable technology
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Challenges to overcome

There are three big challenges that sit at the heart of this issue.

Raising awareness

While sustainability is an important issue, many leaders could better understand their organization’s technology footprint.

Landing impact

Companies are using technology to power their sustainability efforts but can struggle to scale their efforts.

Re-calibrating value

Many feel there is a ‘green premium’ for sustainability. We must look beyond short-term cost to the huge rewards to be won.

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Why Accenture

As one of the largest orchestrators of technology in the world, we are uniquely placed to help.

We understand first-hand both the vast promise of technology, and the need to reduce the harmful side-effects of its wide-scale use.

We also know that technology will play a pivotal role in making the world sustainable.

That’s why we are investing in embedding sustainability into everything we do. And we can help your organization to do the same.

Learn how to develop an effective sustainable technology strategy that helps drive business growth and ESG performance.

How Accenture can help

Sustainability in technology

We help companies to take technological and managerial measures that radically reduce the negative impact of companies’ technology footprints.

Sustainability by technology

We create digital technologies that reduce the negative impact of companies by enabling sustainability use cases and organizational capabilities.

Sustainability at scale

We help our clients collaborate with strategic partners to raise the bar and support market demand for responsible economies.

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In the spotlight

Recent news, acknowledgements and more.

Our sustainable partnerships

Accenture works across the broader technology ecosystem with strategic partners to drive sustainability at scale.

Enabling social entrepreneurs for societal impact

The power to change - The role of the ICT sector

We live in a world more connected than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to more remote work and the need for always-on connectivity, as the home became the office.

No surprise, then, that data traffic is predicted to grow eight-fold by 2030. This growth in traffic has the potential to increase energy requirements and therefore carbon emissions. But leaders in the Information, Communication and Technology sector have thought ahead.

The sector is already acting to reduce its carbon emissions by purchasing renewable energy, setting science-based targets and by making data more energy efficient. So, even as demand for data rises exponentially, the amount of energy used to run that data will not rise in the same incremental way.

The sector can also help other sectors to significantly reduce their carbon emissions. This new report sheds light on the role of the ICT sector in this decade to deliver.

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