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Reimagining customer experience with Salesforce

Clarifying the Clutter

Marketing that delivers data driven experiences.

The Business of Experience

B2B Sales Solution

Win sales and influence people

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How to overcome “data frustration” in B2B sales

Most companies have lots of data – but very few put it to good use in sales. High time to change that! Learn more.

5 Imperatives for reinventing sales strategies

It’s time to reinvent B2B selling “from the ground up”. Here’s how companies should go about it. Learn more.

Reinventing B2B sales

How to empower your sales teams, enable your buyers and influence decisions. Learn more.

How to make sales truly digital

Industrial buyers expect B2C-like purchasing experience. So how can companies deliver? Our new research report points to possibilities. Learn more.

Introducing the B2B Sales Solution

Going for Growth

From change to value faster

A look back at Dreamforce 2023

Clarifying the Clutter

Marketing that delivers data driven experiences

Reimagine Service

Reimagine Service with Accenture, Salesforce & AWS

Accenture + Salesforce and the Business of Experience

Three tech foundations to growth through service

Three ways data could forever change customer service as we know it, discover here. Learn More.

CEO consensus signals market shift

Fundamental shifts are underway in how businesses engage with customers. It means that more will reinvent themselves as a Business of Experience. Learn more.

Obsess about customer needs

Putting the customer at the center of your design, as obvious as that may sound, is often over-looked in deference to internal metrics. Learn more.

Make experience innovation an everyday habit

Creating a culture of constant innovation helps deliver on the promise of superior experience. Powering that culture with a platform makes it stick. Learn more.

Expand the experience remit across your org

Experience is everyone’s responsibility. Operating with the same insights and tools makes it easier to work as one cohesive, customer-obsessed unit. Learn more.

Sync the tech, data and human agendas

Delivering on the promise of technology, data and human ingenuity makes change work. Together, you create outsized and sustained value. Learn more.

Solving complex challenges