The cloud landscape constantly changing – myNav helps you navigate these changes to build a cloud solution that fits your strategic business needs.

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Transform your data foundation on cloud

Grow, innovate and generate sustainable value

Less guesswork, more value

Research shows that two-thirds of companies aren’t seeing the expected benefits from their cloud migration. Isn’t it time you tried something different? Something better?

Accenture myNav is a new cloud assessment platform designed to assess, architect and simulate cloud solutions to determine which will best fit your business requirements. myNav evaluates multiple variables including infrastructure, operational model and business outcomes to recommend a solution optimized for your need and designed to accelerate your cloud transformation.

MyNav is unique in the market, an Accenture proprietary tool offering the ability to take the guesswork out of cloud by discovering, assessing, architecting and simulating an end-to-end solution at scale – lowering risk, cost and the time required to achieve your strategic business objectives.

"Enterprises need solutions to not only ease their initiatives of 'migrate to and transform in' the cloud but also bring certainty in their cloud journey. They are struggling in deriving value from cloud as they are not able to deeply assess what will work for them."

— Yugal Joshi, Vice President, Everest Group

myNav: Navigating Cloud to Maximize Value

Learn how Accenture’s myNav platform can help you build a cloud solution that’s right for your strategic business needs and delivers on value. Watch now.

Automating the cloud journey

Accenture teams employ myNav interactively, based on your inputs, to help you navigate the cloud and select the right architecture and cloud solution to meet your specific business needs. MyNav helps demystify the cloud journey by:

Discover and assess

A specific cloud infrastructure posture is recommended (Public, Private, Hybrid, etc.) based on strategic business needs.

Identify an architecture

A recommended cloud architecture is identified using automated analytics to interact with Accenture’s cloud expertise repository.

Simulate and optimize

The recommended cloud solution is validated and optimized through simulation and testing at scale.

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myNav enables you to build a business case on a more accurate view of the scaled solution. Through simulation, we help right-size the infrastructure to business need including views into peak usage, helping get the scaled solution right the first time.

Build a better business case

Quickly create a cloud business case enriched with industry benchmark data.

Leverage AI and cloud experience

Benefit from AI that can mine Accenture’s extensive cloud experience expertise to arrive at the right solution for your needs.

Improved solution accuracy

Enhance the accuracy of cloud engineering requirements through architectural simulations leveraging using powerful analytical models.

Migrate with confidence

Reduce risk with a cloud migration plan based on proven industry and business specific migration rules.

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The data


of companies report they have not achieved the benefits they expected out of their cloud initiatives.


of companies say “complexity of business and organizational change” are a barrier to achieving expected cloud results.


of Future System Leaders have adopted sophisticated cloud services and they’re growing revenue at twice the pace of Laggards.

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