Solutions and tools for managing unstructured data

Structuring unstructured data for enterprise search and analytics applications

Unstructured data is key to insights

80% of data within the enterprise is unstructured. This includes emails, PDFs, documents, social media, videos, audio, images, and a large amount of business-critical content. The first step to extracting value from that unstructured data is to add structure to it.

Human-generated content (unstructured) is very different from machine-generated data (structured). It requires a different approach. To gain actionable insights, organizations require confidence in the underlying data and the methods used to add structure to that data.

At Accenture, we've helped hundreds of clients handle the acquisition, processing, and indexing of unstructured data, enabling better search, analytics, and insight discovery.

Unstructured data expertise

We bring deep expertise in search and unstructured content to deliver a full range of services, helping you acquire and derive insights from unstructured and semi-structured data. Our services include:

Data acquisition

Harmonization of data from various enterprise sources

Data preparation 

Data cleansing, formatting, enrichment, and indexing for search and analytics

Text processing

Text extraction, text mining, and text analytics

AI integration

Natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning for understanding unstructured content and user queries

UX development

End-user application development 

Data quality

Data quality analysis for better search relevancy and analytics

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Enterprise unstructured data applications

Below are our examples of search-driven applications leveraging both unstructured and structured data to improve operations and business decisions.

  • Compliance (GDPR, PII/PHI, HIPAA, LIBOR)
  • Enterprise data lakes
  • Medical insurance fraud detection
  • Candidate search and match for staffing firms and recruiters
  • Log analytics for security, trend detection, and content personalization 
  • Financial risk management 
  • Cybersecurity and insider threat detection
  • Sentiment analysis and user experience optimization for e-commerce websites
  • Video recommendations engine
  • Personalized search results for media and publishing websites
  • Precision medicine and bioinformatics
  • Precision agriculture
  • Market research
  • Data storage optimization analytics

Technology assets for managing unstructured data

Developed through hundreds of client projects, our technology assets can help organizations acquire and search across unstructured data in the most efficient and impactful way. These assets are search engine agnostic and work with various platforms.

Aspire content processing 

A proven framework for acquiring and enriching unstructured data, providing relevant, rich context for search, analytics, and NLP applications

Saga Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

A new R&D initiative, Saga helps create and maintain scalable enterprise language models for user interaction and document understanding

Query processing language

Enables query parsing rules to be efficiently captured, deployed, and maintained in a way that’s independent of the search engine and user interface

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