In brief

In brief

  • With Agile portfolio management, businesses evolve better adaptability and respond to change in the moment.
  • The key points are: understanding true supply and demand, developing a matching & governance capability, and bringing Agile into funding & budgeting.
  • Learn how businesses (one in insurance, one in entertainment) have used these techniques during the COVID pandemic to pivot and grow.

Why organizational adaptability?

Organizational adaptability is a business’ ability to spring into action in the face of opportunity. This may be evading catastrophe or expanding new markets. In this historical moment in time, organizational adaptability is top of mind for everyone. Bringing agility into portfolio management, governance, budgeting and finance – which we collectively call Agile Portfolio Management – is a critical enabler of organizational adaptability and business agility.

In our five-part Agile Portfolio Management video series, we cover the following:

  1. An introduction to Agile Portfolio Management
  2. The supply side
  3. The demand side
  4. Matching limited supply to unlimited demand
  5. Budgeting and funding

That leads us into our live-panel discussion with client guests who share their experience using agile portfolio management to increase the organizational adaptability of their businesses.

An introduction to Agile portfolio management

Supply in Agile portfolio management

Demand in Agile portfolio management

Matching & governance

Funding & budgeting

Agile portfolio management webinar

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Webinar: Q&A Follow-up

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