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Ecosystem partners are crucial for organizations to break through the barriers that supply chain leaders see to operations maturity—technology and access to talent. Our analysis reveals that even a one-position climb in operations maturity can lead to a projected 17% increase in global profits.

Half of supply chain leaders say that ecosystem partnerships have improved over the past three years, and thirty-nine percent say the pandemic increased the focus on them.

Supply chain leaders are well-schooled in ecosystem relationships. Supply chains don’t run well without them and they certainly never achieve leading capabilities at speed and scale. And in today’s environment, ecosystem relationships are essential to establish trust, transparency and accountability.

For example, multiparty systems that enable a shared data infrastructure between individuals and organizations are becoming increasingly more important in driving efficiency and building new business and revenue models.

Sixty-two percent of supply chain leaders say they can only operate in the short term without multiparty systems, while twenty-two percent believe that they cannot operate without them at all.

Ecosystem relationships make it possible for supply chain leaders to access a wider pool of technology and talent. This enables them to support continuous innovation without massive investments of money and time. Wisely choosing the right technology partners keeps supply chain functions innovating ahead of the competition and focusing on what they do best. They must also choose partners that maintain comparable standards of social and environmental responsibility.

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Chris Karney

Managing Director, Global Supply Chain /Industry X Offering Lead – Accenture Operations


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