In brief

In brief

  • To grow, consumer goods companies (CPGs) can’t rely solely on traditional business models in core markets, with similar products. So, what’s next?
  • Some companies are already venturing beyond historical boundaries of industry, competition and broader responsibility. They offer insights.
  • We explore “growth away from the core”, showcasing innovative approaches to meeting consumer needs, in new ways.

New approaches are required

As consumer expectations and behaviors continue to disrupt category norms, we have reached a tipping point in consumer goods. With the events of 2020 upending so much of what we took for granted, we now look ahead at the rise of new avenues for growth. In some cases, these are unlikely places. Today is a great time for CPGs to reset, renew and evolve for future growth.

We explore how innovative companies are changing the game, starting with our guest interview with Jan Zijderveld, former executive at Unilever. Then, we look at a set of perspectives about how CPG companies are responding in new and disruptive ways.

Reliance on traditional business models in core markets is no longer enough. Leading consumer goods companies are venturing beyond traditional lines of industry, competition and responsibility in search of growth.

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