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Europe’s competitive way forward in the cloud

September 22, 2021


In brief

A leap onto the continuum

We call them Continuum Competitors because they view the cloud not just as a single, static destination, but as an operating model, in contrast to companies that focus on simple migration.

The global race to invest better and achieve bigger with cloud

4 OUT OF 10

workloads moved to the cloud in early 2020 by European companies.

3 OUT OF 10

workloads moved to the cloud in early 2020 by North American companies.

What’s holding back Europe’s cloud advancement?

9 OUT OF 10

European companies resort to creating data silos for sensitive data.

Continuum competitors show the way forward

Continuum Competitors make choices from across the cloud continuum to create a seamless technology and capability foundation that best serves their business needs—now and into the future.

"Thanks to cloud, and only because of cloud, we’re able to have a real data analytics and AI revolution. That has been a very important evolution into starting to embed algorithms across everything we do."

— BARBARA MARTIN COPPOLA, Chief Digital Officer, Ikea Retail

Four keys to Europe’s cloud success

1. Build a business case that engages leaders and accelerates cloud investment to achieve bigger goals.


2. Architect for unique preferences with balance, control and trust.



3. Don’t let technology languish. Augment it with human potential.


4. Accelerate innovation to deliver exceptional experiences.


About the Authors

Jean-Marc Ollagnier


Koenraad Schelfaut

Accenture Cloud First Lead – Europe


Europe Principal Director, Accenture Research

Surya Mukherjee

Head of Technology Research – EMEA

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The Big Read

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Ever–ready for every opportunity

How to unleash Europe’s competitiveness on the Cloud Continuum?

Short on time

Executive summary

5 minute read

Moving forward, what will propel European companies to advance on the Cloud Continuum?

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