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Case Study

West Midlands Police: Serve and protect with cloud

Data-driven insights have transformed operations for the police force.

Call for change

Delivering data-driven insights at West Midlands Police

When tech meets human ingenuity

A valuable difference

In fact, with the solution’s productivity gains, it’s as if WMP has more than 150 additional officers patrolling the streets.

With great technological ability comes great responsibility

Value delivered


Today, a modern, scalable solution utilizing AWS enables 7,000 officers, staff and intelligence analysts to find the information they need and retrieve meaningful insights in a matter of minutes.


The solution, which WMP is now managing, is expected to deliver millions of pounds in efficiency gains over the next five years.


Officers are embracing data-driven insights to better patrol and serve communities. Within just three months of deployment, 4,000 officers had adopted the new solution.

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