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Agile Amped is dedicated to building a more agile world, one podcast at a time.

What is Agile Amped?

The Agile Amped podcast shares stories of bringing agility and humanity into the workplace – and beyond. Inspiring and provocative voices speak on topics from technology to business to living change. Agile Amped is dedicated to building a more agile world.

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Probably the best source for keeping up with the latest trends in the world of Agile, Lean, and business agility.

Bridging the gap between traditional and agile management

Chris Philipsen understands that “playbook” and “Agile” don’t necessarily go together but the title of his Agile2019 talk “A Playbook for an Agile Manager” was chosen on purpose. A consultant at Insight, Philipsen speaks the language of traditional managers who expect a “playbook” for how to effectively manage in an Agile organization as well as the language of Agile.

He and our host, Agile coach Chris Murman at Accenture | SolutionsIQ, vibe on the differences between managing styles as well as personal and interpersonal coaching techniques. Philipsen invokes the McCarthy protocol of requesting to provide feedback and radiating intention – for which he provides many examples. Ultimately, he is more productive, happier and a better agilist for radiating intent for what he hopes to accomplish in a meeting, in a day and in life.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Chris Murman hosts at Agile2019 in Washington, D.C.

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Introduction to agile portfolio management

In this special episode, we offer a broad overview of portfolio management that uses lean and agile thinking and approaches. Our guides are Evan Campbell and Kat Conner, who together have 50 years of experience in portfolio, budgeting and funding.

“Agile portfolio management is matching limited supply to unlimited demand to maximize business outcomes,” say Campbell and Conner.

You’ll hear five parts:

  1. Introduction to agile portfolio management
  2. The supply side
  3. The demand side
  4. Matching and governance
  5. Funding and budgeting

This is a deep dive into the topic and it’s the full-length story behind our Agile Portfolio Management video series. Watch and share these 5-minute educational videos with your customers and colleagues and watch a recorded webinar to hear real-world examples from clients and coaches in the trenches at

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Alalia Lundy hosts.

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Dirty truths of scaling

As CEO and Product Owner of, Dave West has collected some awesome stories and he regales us with a few in this episode of Agile Amped.

Too often companies attempt to scale agility without a clear purpose and fail both to see true agility and to inspire employees with a compelling purpose. And, West reminds us, “purpose is actionable,” not just something in the mission statement or plastered on the office wall.

The conversation covers frameworks, the American education system, and even conscious capitalism.

“At the heart of everything we’re doing is trying to untap the potential of humanity to deliver amazing value and solve problems – and I think that’s super exciting.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts from 2019 Southern Fried Agile.

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Agile amped podcasts

Debbie Brey takes us behind the scenes at Boeing to the massive undertaking of bringing digital transformation to the century-old enterprise.

Dojo is a space where teams rebuild their habits over a six-week period. Dojo is about building business capabilities and high-functioning teams.

A key stakeholder at a major healthcare provider teamed up with an Agile coach to guide his organization through their business transformation.

How do you know that you’re achieving the goals of your change?

The Spotify model is a useful example to inform how companies organize, but it is not a prescription for every organizations’ optimal design.

Have you regretted sending an email while angry? Learn emotional self-management and radical leadership through empathy for yourself and others.

Clarity of purpose, control without controlling, and designing for flow – these are three capabilities that are essential for Agile leaders to possess.

The first step iis to fill the roles of coaches with individuals who are called to serve others. Next, learn the five levels of listening.

We discuss advanced topics like adaptive management, Agile portfolio management, and innovation as organizational capabilities.

How important is transformative innovation to your company and are you willing to invest in it? Learn how to nurture innovation in your organization.

How do we raise intentionality and reclaim control through our objectives? Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) encourage reflection and learning.

Author of “Projects to Products” Mik Kersten says we have internal systems in place that effectively prohibit change.

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